Achieve Self Reliance

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On 22 July 2019, ISRO commenced its historic journey to the moon by lofting it’s complex satellite Chandrayan-2 for lunar exploration.

The the GSLV MKIII nicknamed as Bahubali placed the chandrayaan 2 in a highly elliptical orbit around the earth.

  • As it reaches the moon, it’s velocity will be reduced so that the spacecraft will be pulled into the orbit around the moon.
  • This lander named as Vikram is going to soft-land in totally unknown territory with uncertainties about its trajectory and performance making India’s maiden effort to land on the unchartered surface cluttered with meteors and rocks.
Achieve Self Reliance

Confirmation of quality and quantum of water, helium-3 and rare metals are going to be valuable inputs for future lunar missions.

Achieve Self Reliance

Achievement in the area of space research has already been highlighted.

  • In atomic energy, we have enabled us to Achieve Self Reliance and use of energy for peaceful and military applications.
  • In defence, powerful missiles and military aircraft have been developed through indigenous efforts.
  • In the field of agriculture green revolution enabled the country to Achieve Self Reliance in several areas.

If we look at the overall scenarios, there is a lot to be done. But the current year budget has identified thrust areas like biotechnology, science education and industrial application of research and development.

But the budget allocation of for Science & Technology sector is less that 0.8% compared to about 3-5% by developed countries including china.

For all these to be achieved, the investment in human resource development aiming at enabling the youth power with the scientific temper has to be given top most priority.

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) method could be implemented so that the children are enabled to think independently and analyse and take decision in a logical manner.

Government support for identifying talents and to provide scholarships for pursuing higher education including research is inevitable.

The Way forward

India has to do a lot more to become a global player in S&T sector. It is not only necessary to enhance funding but also to put in place an empowered body for emplementing these programmes in a focused and time bound manner. Achieve Self Reliance

PIB Release on Self Reliance in Space Technology

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