Adult Education

At the time of independence, 86% of India’s population was illiterate and as such the main focus of adult education had been on its very bottom tier I.e., imparting of ‘Basic literacy’. For the accomplishment of this objective, a series of programmes were introduction since the First plan period, the most prominent, being the national literacy mission (NLM), launched in 1988 for the adults in the age group of 15+.

The progress has been made in raising the literacy rate of the country bit still the levels remain uneven across different states, 45 districts, social groups and Minorities. the overall goal of adult education is to establish a fully literate society through of to improved quality and started of adult education and literacy.

Adult Education
Adult Education

Adult Education

The national literacy mission Authority (NLMA) is the operating and implementing organization at the national level for all the activities envisaged in adult education and skill development. During the soil for a year plan, NLMAhas been striving to raise the literacy rate to 80%and to reduce the gender gap to less than 10%.

Of the 410 districts which qualify for coverage under Sakas, Bharat programme has been sectioned in 404 districts in 26 states and one union territory covering about 1 .64 lakh gram Panchayats. During 2016-17 the programme has been continued in these 404 districts. Teaching-learning progress has commenced in 57.8 Lakh literacy centres.

About 45.7 3 volunteer teachers have been trained by Master trainer and 2.54 lakh master trainer were master trainers by resource persons. In meditation about 13. 5000 resource person have also been trained. Basic literacy primers in 13 languages and 26 local directors have been painted and distributed so far from the learners. Around 8.27 crore learners have been enrolled under basic literacy.

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