Answer Writing of IAS Mains

Answer writing is the most important part of UPSC preparation. How to write an answer for ias mains is well discussed here.

  • Why we join a test series?
    • Does it boost marks for a particular question as well as whole text paper?
    • Does it create a challenge to write a text paper by cheating and get more than 180 marks in any general studies paper?
  • What are problems faced by a student when they start the answer writing?
  • How UPSC check the copy of Mains exam?
  • Study more effectively all the sources as you can. It will not more helpful than solving 20 text papers(MCQ).
  • First Answer writing is boring but after some test, this is the most enjoyable part of preparation.
  • One who given the test(MCQ based) have easily learn the things than others.

Don’t do same mistake, again and again. By removing mistakes you can be a perfect personality.

  • All aspirants read the same things, what is the difference between those who shortlisted?

They are shortlisted because they understand their mistakes. Next, they always try to short out their mistakes.

Why write a test series?

Mostly, Students found these issues in their answer writing practice. So till the end, they try to remove these mistakes at their level best.

  • Evaluate Preparation Level
  • Structuring the answers
  • Write within the time limit
  • What to write? (filteration of content)
  • Rough Diagram making practice
  • Answer Writing according to keyword
    • Define
    • Describe
    • Discuss
    • Explain
    • Elaborate
    • Illustrate
    • Demonstrate
    • Analyse
    • Assess
    • Compare
    • Contrast
    • Comment upon
    • Give an account of
    • To what extent
    • Critically Evaluate/ Examine/ Analyse
  • Different Approach
    • Solution of 15 marks question
    • answer writting of 10 marks question
  • To make the job of evaluator easier

Answer Writting


  • C stands for “Context”
  • L stands for “Language”
  • A stands for “Approach”
  • P stands for “Presentation”
  • S stands for “Structure”


Everyone read the same thing but not write the same thing. Let’s compare the answer writing of two persons

  • One, who is thinks for first minute and then write for remaining six minute.
  • Second, who thinks then write and again thinks then again write and again thinks and again write

First one is most better than second. So we can say

Mains is about to think faster not to write faster.


Answer Writing of IAS Mains


  • An introduction may be of 3 to 4 lines.
  • Some questions don’t need any introduction. it may be a fact related to a current event
    • What are the causes of water scarcity in India?
  • Sometimes it may be something interesting about the main keyword.
  • Sometimes it may be as simple as defining the main keyword of the question.
  • Introduce by a quote is not always best.
  • In History question writing the significance is the best introduction to it.

Practical- Analyse the copy of toppers & check what they have written and why?


  • the body is the most important part of the answer.
  • To complete demand, focus on by discriminating the weitage of the answer by dividing the body as first 20%, second 20%, third 60%.
    • What do you understand by alternate dispute resolution mechanism? Do it has been successful in India so far? Discuss with special reference to Lok Adalat. Also, suggest measures to strengthen it.

Keywords in Question


Answer Writing of IAS Mains

Do and Don’t

  • Don’t use govt. in place of government
  • Don’t use “&” in place of “and
  • Flow chart can’t be the substitute of content
  • First time you can use the full form in the answer then you can use the short abbreviation.
  • Figures and maps are always appreciated if figure required. You have not made there then you will get fewer mark.


  • Some questions don’t need any conclusion.
  • There are many ways to write a conclusion
    • Suggestive
    • Why it is important to solve the problem?
    • Steps of govt. already taken in this direction
    • International Measures already taken
10 mark Ques. Weightage15 mark Ques. Weightage
Introduction1 – 1.52
Body7 – 7.511
Conclusion1 – 1.52.5

A conclusion has more weightage when keyword is critically examine.


  • Language should not be complex.
  • In answer writing, fletch reading score must be good. These are answers check by an unknown evaluator.

World Limit and Strategy

UPSC asking two types of papers.

Question 1-1010 mark150 words7.5 minute
Question 11-2015 mark250 words10 minute
Question 1-2012.5 mark200 words9 minute


  • #Paragraph or Pointwise
    Both having a huge difference. Paragraph form is the linking of sentences. While Pointwise form sometimes having no linking between them.
  • If answer writing is outside the margin then evaluator gives negative marks in that.
  • Use of subheadings in answer writing is always appreciated
  • Underline but not too much only specific keyword

Start your answer writing in the paper from strong area. There is no bound to attempt in sequencewise manner. then, attempt questions which you can’t answer then write answer of remaining question.

if you don’t know anything about the question. then don’t attempt that.

to think faster practice to write the answers within a given time limit.

Practice 4 answers daily within half an hour.

Lastly, which type of questions they are asking? for this please analyse Previous Year Question Papers.

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  1. Its really appreciable to help peoples who are beginners.Well explained and business insights. I too agree with your view of writing .
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