The main aim of every individual, teacher, trainers, coaches in sports psychologist and individuals performance to an optimum level. To achieve this they must consider the effect of anxiety on performances. In fact, anxiety is a psychological and psychological state of an individual. It is characterized by cognitive, emotional and behavioural components. These components combined to create and present feelings which are associated with an easiness, fear and worry.

Anxiety is a chronic fear that limits our ability to carry out normal functions. It usually results in the excitation of various organ of the body. Examples of this phenomenon evident in athletes are sweating hands, frequently argue to urinate, increased respiration rate, increased muscle tension, increased heart rate, etc. It can be accompanied by physical effects such as heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, shortness of breath physically the body prepares the individual to deal with a threat. Anxiety may cause ulcers, hypertension, heart attack and asthma.


How to manage anxiety?

Our main concern is about performance-related problems it is a well-known fact that and anxiety is accomplished by psychological arousal. Coaches as well as physical education teachers persistently attempt to find the optimum level of psychological arousal that allows the sports person to perform their best.

An arousal level that is too low and too high can have a negative impact on performance. High level of arousal in a sportsperson can cause deterioration of coordination, lack of flexibility and lack of accuracy. So it is important for each sportsperson to find his/her optimum level of physiological arousal for a given activity. Coaches and physical education teachers can help the sportsperson to identify this optimal states. An athlete with high anxiety is likely to be more anxiety the following technique can be used.

Eat a healthy balanced diet is a very good way to control anxiety. Relax and sleep for 6 to 8 hour every night. A person should be sleep approximately 7to 8 hours every night use deep breathing techniques if you feeling depression and mental illness. You will be follow this steps. It is a very good way to meditate exercise even if it is just to go for a walking exercise is a very good way to do manage the anxiety so exercise daily and doing yoga laugh and laughter techniques is the best medicine. yes, it is very good medicine that laughing is increasing the blood circulation system of a body stop negative thinking and meditate everyday for approximately 1 hour.

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