Appropriate nutrition for women and children

Appropriate nutrition and good health are important contributors to human resource development. Long-term malnutrition leads to stunting wasting and non communicable diseases increased morbidity and mortality as well as reduced work capacity.

All these are responsible for causing huge economic losses to the country. Scenes widespread malnutrition is largely due to the dietary inadequate household it patterns needs to be improved- both in terms of quantity and quality by incorporating a variety of foods.

Appropriate Nutrition

Thus an appropriately well balanced diet comprising a variety of foods needs to be advocated to the masses.

Our nutrients needs are affected by age, gender physical activity body composition growth rate psychological distress pathological conditions and many other factors. Indian council of medical research has laid down the recommended dietary allowances for various nutrients for Indians of all age and gender groups.

Small and undernorished baby girls grow up to become small mothers who often deliver low birth weight infants with developmental deficits. The main card beinge mothers’ poor nutrition and health status, particularly during pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy among adolescent girls poses double burden – the nutritional burden of adolescence along with that of the pregnancy – and it often results in in dire consequences.

Due to perverted growth spurt and company ine changes, nutrient requirements of adolescence are greatly inhanced. Next to infancy, adolescence is the only period in life cycle and growth rate is rather rapid.

Mother’s milk is a complete food and unity adapted to meet the requirement of the newborn breastfeeding is thus the natural way of providing nourishment to the baby which also helps him to adapt to the drastic change from a fully dependent come September intelisecure environment to the independent and hostile extra uterine life.

Dietary adequacy for women is of immense importance and this needs to be taken care of not only after marriage but even during adolescence and rather childhood. Therefore a girl child nutrition and care right from birth onwards should attend top so that the inter generational cycle of malnutrition can be disrupted.

In the case of infants the membrane of gastrointestinal tract Eid images and hence they are at greater risk of acquiring infections.

It is extremely important to inculcate healthy eating habits during childhood itself which can then be sustained during adulthood. Adoption of healthy eating habits will help children to follow healthy lifestyle not only during childhood but life long. The dual version of malnutrition news to be at rest right during childhood itself.

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