Attitude a key role of success

In Social psychologists, the attitude is a very important part of human personality and living behaviour if u want a good and well life and surroundings so you should hardly show any uniformity in giving a definition of attitude. Some behaviouristically inclined social psychologists refer to the attitudes which is the key role of success as conforming behaviour. The behaviour is directed towards a particular standard or norms.



One cannot speak of conformity if there is no standard or norm. If the person is not able to speak there feelings and emotions so, they are at the starting age of being a business. Attitudes are formed with respect to situations, persons or groups with which individual comes in contact with each other in course of the growth and development of his personality is very important for every human today.

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There are some examples of different attitudes are :

  1. Her attitude has definitely changed for the better since she started this new job.
  2. The bishop criticized the government for it’s “callous, uncaring attitude” to the homeless and the unemployed
  3. My relationship with my father played a major part in shaping my attitude towards men.
  4. Middle ages can be the prime of life if you have the right attitude.
  5. He’s often been accused of cynicism in his attitude towards politics.

Body language is a major contributor to the attitude a person conveys to others.  Albert maintains that during a conversation dealing with feelings and attitudes. It impacts our first impression is a successful impression like when u meet to a stranger person or employee in an organisation or anywhere you speak confidentiality with a very good body language. So, the person who is standing in front of you are thinking a positive response towards yourself.

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