B.A. Nature and Problems of Indian Economy Syllabus

Nature and Problems of Indian Economy Syllabus is a paper in the curriculum of B.A., we will analyse the syllabus of this paper. in this paper university categorises it into four units.

Nature and Problems of Indian Economy

Unit 1

Structure of the Indian Economy

Under this unit, there are two Main topics. One is natural resource and Second is the demographic profile. Means first we study “What the resources we have ?” then We study the nature of people of India.

Natural Resources

Here we study mainly three resources land, Water and forest resources. Distribution of these resources in India. Student need to know this: What is the limitation of these resources?
The syllabus contains following these

  • Land Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Forest Resources

Demographic Profile

The demographic profile of India gives a basic idea about India. how they use the resources available. the population of India growing very rapidly. The sex ratio among the population is another most important factor of population. Other things are as follows

  • The size of population and growth rate
  • Sex Ratio,
  • Rural-Urban migration,
  • Occupational distribution,
  • Demographic dividend –myth & reality,
  • Population policy
  • The structural transformation of the Indian Economy
  • National Income
  • Objectives and strategies of planning in India
  • Poverty, unemployment its nature & extent
  • Employment policy in India.

Unit 2

  • Trends in production and productivity.
  • New Agricultural Strategy,
  • Impact of Green Revolution,
  • Disparities in Agricultural Growth –disparity of crops, regional disparity,
  • Issues related to landless agricultural
  • labour and small and marginal farmers
  • Rural Credit,
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Irrigation and Water Management,
  • Agricultural price policy.
  • Agricultural rural development programmes.
  • Land reform in Agriculture

Unit 3
Industry and Service Sector

  • Growth and structure of Industrial Economy
  • Industrial Policy since economic reforms
  • Industrial Licensing Policy- M.R.T.P., F.E.R.A., and F.E.M.A
  • Growth and problems of small scale industries
  • Role of public sector Enterprises in India’s industrialization
  • Sources of Industrial Finance
  • Problems of Indian industries
  • Service sector- meaning, role , structure and recent growth
  • MNC’s & Public Private Partnership

Unit 4
Economy of Uttar Pradesh

  • Main problems of development in U.P.
  • Causes of under – development
  • strategies adopted
  • Dislocation of industries from U.P.
  • Issues related to poverty
  • employment and food security
  • Implementation of Central Government Schemes –MANREGA, NRHM & Sarva – Siksha Abhiyan
  • Panchayat Raj in U.P.
  • Issues related to the development of U.P.
  • Land acquisition-Crisis and cure
  • Demographic Scenario of U.P.
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Nature and Problems of Indian Economy

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