Back Pain

The back pain which is spelt in the bad usually originates from the bones joint muscles. It may be in the lumbar region. It may be spontaneous or can be chronic. It can be constant stay in one place or radiate to other parts such as arms, hips and legs. It may give a feeling of burning sensation sometimes number. Nestle be felt in a lake or arms. In fact, back pain is not only the problem of our country but it is also observed all over the world. As a matter of fact 9 of 10% experience.

The back pain at least once their life that is why it is said that back pain is a very common complaint or problem throughout the world to do this problem. The affected person or not capable to do their work smoothly and efficiently, even there are a number of cases who start remaining absent from their work through it is painful especially when it radiates to arm or legs back pain may be going to bed personal habit and health and personal risk factors such as overweight lack of physical activity or exercise excessive smoking lack of flexibility or undue stress on the back.

Back Pain

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Prevention of Back Pain

There are some important points, which may help in preventing the back pain these points as described below:

1. Regular exercise

Regular exercises are helpful in increasing strength and keeping the body weight in control each and every individual should perform aerobic exercises. Which are usually considered best exercises because these exercises do not stand and check the back in these exercises? The exercises related to back muscles and abdominal muscles should be included along with these exercises the flexibility exercises such as painting forward-backwards paintings sideways and sit-ups should also be performed regularly.

2. Maintaining appropriate body weight

Overweight and obese person is at higher risk of developing back pain that is why and the individual should try to keep on maintain proper body weight. In fact, there are less chances of sincere regret who have normal or proper weight. for maintaining proper water weight aerobic exercises and diet control can play a very effective role. Aerobic exercises should be performed for at least 60 minutes is day topic activities can be in various forms such a slow running jogging and cycling 80c for maintaining weight of bookkeeping the body weight under control low-calorie diet should be taken.

3. Proper sitting posture

Water prevention of back pain when should a stress on copper sitting posture for proper sitting posture. One should make sure, that we should be flat on the floor the chair or seat should have the back support and good back support when sitting in a chair it should be as for back in the chair as possible had spinal column. Shoulders and he should be in a straight line and erect leg should not be in hand position things should be in a horizontal position don’t cross your leg in sitting position in such sitting posture there will not be a to stress on the back which is beneficial in preventing back pain.

4. No smoking

If you want to prevent back and you should say no to smoking on the basis of recent research studies. It is concluded that a higher percentage of smokers have back pain incidences in comparison to non-smokers of the same age height and weight.

Back Pain

5. Lying or sleeping on bed

For proper prevention from back pain, you should use a mattress that keeps your spry straight use in normal size pillow while sleeping online your next should not into a steep angle the matter should be slightly hard so that your back may remain Street.

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