Balance Diet and Nutrition

Balance diet refers to the intake of eatables which can provide all the essential food constituents necessary for growth and maintenance of the body. Indefinite amount in which they are required by the body. A balanced diet means eating the right amount of food from all food groups.

Balance Diet

A balanced diet is that tight which consists of the various institutions of food in accurate and appropriate quantity and quality according to the requirement of an individual in fact every individual does not require save the type of diet that it differs from individual to individual the sum of the following points of a balanced diet.

1. A balanced diet must contain all the essential constituent in an adequate amount.
2. There must a definite proportion between the different constituents of food the proper ratio between proteins fat and carbohydrates should be 1 ratio 4.
3. The cooking of food is necessary because it’s really surprised school foodstuff and makes it palatable and easily digestible.

Balance Diet

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It is defined as the science of food and its relationship with health, in other words, it can be you said that nutrition is the science of force which comprises the dynamic process in which the consumed food is digested nutrients are absorbed and distributed to the tissues for utilisation and wastage are disposed of the body.

Every individual in this world wants to lead a healthy life food is the main basis for maintaining health so the knowledge of food and nutrition is essential for every individual generally food and nutrition are considered a synonym to one another when actually it is not so in fact foot comprises all the substances which human beings consume for their survival food is a mixture of various substances which are essential for life whereas nutrition is a dynamic process which comprises inception of food to remain healthy in pack nutrition is necessary the process of 9 9 rising for being the process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and replacement of tissue is called nutrition.

micronutrients attitude the majority of individuals that has it can be said that they are taken in large amounts this apply energy and are needed for growth and maintenance of the body to perform the activity they include carbohydrate-protein fats and water carbohydrate are the most important source of energy that contains the element of carbon-hydrogen and oxygen the very first part of the name carbo means that they contain carbon II part of the name Haider means they contain hydrogen protein contain carbon-hydrogen oxygen nitrogen and sometimes sulphur protein are very large molecules so they cannot be directly absorbed into our blood contain carbon Oxygen and hydrogen in the percentage of 76 and 12 respectively fats are necessary for many bodies functions water is a compound which is made up of hydrogen and oxygen element in the ratio of 2 ratio 1-hour blood contain 90% of water help in the transportation of nutrients to the cells of the body.

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