Big Picture Topic List

In this post “Big Picture Topic List” We will see the topic list of programme month-wise.

The Big Picture
ProgramBig Picture (Mon to Fri)
Focus onThe Big Picture: daily (Mon-Fri) program which features a discussion on one topic of current national or international importance.

Big Picture Topic List

June 2018
1What next for Air India?LINK
4Dangers of PlasticLINK
5SC/ST Quota in PromotionLINK
6Religious Leaders & PoliticsLINK
7What’s Behind Shillong Clashes?LINK
8Bank Mergers : Need & implicationsLINK
11Lateral Entry in BureaucracyLINK
12The Trump-Kim SummitLINK
13.Audit of Banks: Who is Responsible?LINK
14Developed India: Time Starts NowLINK
15India’s Worst Water CrisisLINK
18Retuning Adoption PolicyLINK
19 College Admissions: The Race BeginsLINK
20UNHRC: America vs United NationsLINK
21Development vs EnvironmentLINK
22The Lacunae of Plastic BanLINK
25De-addiction Centres DerailedLINK
26Article 370: The DebateLINK
27Social Media Trolling TraumaLINK
28India, U.S. 2+2 Dialogue in LimboLINK
29Real Story of Surgical StrikeLINK
30Climate Change: 60 Crore Indians at RiskLINK
May 2018
1.Taxing FuelLINK
2.   Pollution AlertLINK
3. Tackling Cyber bullyingLINK
4.   South China Sea : Sea of TroublesLINK
7.Hospitals : Capping ProfitsLINK
8. Chairman’s Order & Judical ScrutinyLINK
9.Endgame Mallya ?LINK
10.Flipkart to WalmartLINK
11.VP’s Three Nation VisitLINK
12.Citizenship Amendment BillLINK
15.Battle KarnatakaLINK
16.First BJP Govt : Beginning of Coalition PoliticsLINK
17.Ninth Schedule & SC/ST ActLINK
18.Supreme Court, Governor & Floor TestLINK
21.Anti-Terror Day : Combating TerrorLINK
22. Oil on the BoilLINK
23.Tuticorin : Development vs EcosystemLINK
24.IAS, IPS: Proposed Cadre PolicyLINK
25.To Abort or notLINK
26.4 Years of Modi GovernmentLINK
28.   RTI & Political PartiesLINK
29.Cantonment Roads : To Open or NotLINK
India-Pak CeasefireLINK
USA vs China AgainLINK

April 2018
61.2.SC/ST Act: What NextLINK
62. 3.Fake or News?LINK
63.4.Economic Challenges In Last FiscalLINK
64.5.No work no payLINK
65.6.What’s Wrong With Our Banks?LINK
67.9. Africa OutreachLINK
68.10.China: The Doors Are OpeningLINK
69.11.Securing India’s energy needsLINK
70.12.Supreme Court : The Judges’ DebateLINK
71.13.Funds and Population MattersLINK
72.16.Flash point SyriaLINK
73.17.India’s Nordic ConnectLINK
74.18.Reservations in PromotionsLINK
75.19.India-Nepal-China CorridorLINK
76.23.Notice Against CJI RejectedLINK
77.24.India-China: Mending TiesLINK
78.25.Glamour World: The Dark SideLINK
79.26.The Korea SummitLINK
80.27.Representation in JudiciaryLINK
81.30.India ElectrifiedLINK
March 2018
1Main streaming Afghan TalibanLINK
3.BJP Conquers NortheastLINK
6.Nepal: Changing EquationsLINK
7.Special Status: Andhra’s Demands, Larger IssuesLINK
9.Passive Euthanasia: Death With DignityLINK
12.India-France MattersLINK
13.Judiciary: From realism to idealismLINK
14.Return Of Trade BarriersLINK
15.State of our CitiesLINK
16.Are We Drinking Plastic?LINK
19.Russia’s New CzarLINK
20.New Religion Ahead of PollsLINK
21.New Push to educationLINK
22.Wombs Not For RentLINK
23.Facebook & Data MischiefLINK
26.Parliament’s Right TurnLINK
27.Spy Poisoning RowLINK
28.Battle Karnataka: What’s at stakeLINK
29.Death for Child RapeLINK
30.The Korea SummitLINK
February 2018
2.AYUSHMAN BHARAT: Breaking Health BarriersLINK
5.Indian PM’s first ever visit to PalestineLINK
6.Political crisis in Maldives: Implications | मालदीव संकट का असरLINK
7.Interest rates & the State of the EconomyLINK
9.Artificial Intelligence – The Way ForwardLINK
12.Tripura Poll: Manik or HIira?LINK
13.Health Insurance: Issues & Way ForwardLINK
14.Indian Cricket: Scaling New PeaksLINK
15.PNB Lesson: Weak Spots in BanksLINK
16.Cauvery: Dousing The FireLINK
19.India’s Digital PowerLINK
20.Nepal: The China TiltLINK
21.Delhi Govt ‘Hits’ a New Low?LINK
22.Infiltration: Pak-China AxisLINK
23.India-Canada TiesLINK
26.Xi Jinping: President for LifeLINK
27.Education ReformsLINK
28.Fight Against CorruptionLINK

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