Vocabulary Building Drill 2

Vocabulary Building is now easy. Drill 1 was basic and this is drill 2 which is more standard than basic. Here in this drill, we will study the following: Trees Name Study Material Religion Name Spices Name Verbs Trees Name Mango Tree Banyan Tree Neem Tree Peepal Tree Tulsi Tree Eucalyptus Tree Mahagony Tree Turmeric Tree Apple Tree Religion Name Judaism Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Study Material Pen Pencil Rubber Rough Register Register Book Bag Scale Spices Name Clove Spice Blend Vinegar Turmeric Caraway Black salt Cumin seed Mace Borax Chilly Verbs Next Vocabulary Building Vocabulary Building Drill 3 Vocabulary Building Drill 1

Vocabulary Building Drill 1

Student can start to build their vocabulary from the following basic meanings easily. If you know all these then please take test given in last and evaluate yourself. This is English Meaning Set 1. Other set also available from begginer to advance. Days Name Months Name Flowers Name Fruits Name Animals Name Birds Name Seasons Name Colours Name Question Word Helping Verb Part of Body Parts of Speech Subject Name Relation Name Days Name Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Months Name January February March April May June July August September October November December Flowers Name Rose Lily Sunflower Lotus Hibiscus Marigold Chameli Rajnigandha Jasmine Blossom Animals Name Camel Lion Horse Deer Cow Fox Pig Cat Snake Giraffe Seasons …

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