Deforestation Causes and Effects

Deforestation means that the destruction of trees from big areas like the forest. Because of this deforestation and cutting of trees and Woods, there will be a great cause of land pollution.Trees and Woods are important for our environment if they are not there in the environment; they can cause great damage to our nature.People cut trees for their work; they did not think about environmental causes. People cut the whole area of forest for their own need to built-in their own houses industries.Woods from trees are also used to make papers. Forest covers the most area of land, and if people cut the forest, there will be a great loss for the environment. Not only for the environment but …

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Natural resources and it’s uses

Natural resources are derived from the environment. These are necessary for our survival but most of them are used for satisfying our bonds. Natural resources In fact, natural resources are material and components which are found in our environment. Every product made by human beings is composed of resources. In natural source may exist as a separate entity such as water, air, soil, metal was minerals, land, forest, wildlife and many forms of energy. These can be classified into Renewable resources and Nonrenewable resources. 1. Renewable resources: These are those which are again release placed naturally such as light sunlight, air, wind. These are those which are persistently available and their quantity is not usually affected by human consumption. In …

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Water Conservation as a National Movement

India is going to recognise as New India. New India is not only the change in name. It is to change India, to transform India. The transformation is not only limited to other sectors. Resource conservation methods must be transformed. So, there is a need for “Water Conservation as a National Movement”. India is not only committed to fulfilling its international obligations towards biodiversity conservation, environmental management, climate change mitigation, social justice, equity as well as peace. India faces several limitations and global challenges in order to realise his dreams, expectation and ever-rising aspirations of its people. Signs of water scarcity by way of limited asses declining quantity and deteriorating quality are evident. Everyone realised that water is not only …

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Recommended Books for IAS Exam

UPSC conducting IAS exam and writer written books. UPSC defined the syllabus and the demand for IAS exam can be seen through the previous year question paper. If You know “What UPSC want then you can clear the exam?” So, here I am giving a booklist for this exam. You may purchase these books directly from amazon. History Books for IAS Exam The syllabus for this portion is History of India and Indian National Movement This portion also covers Art and Culture. Following books are recommended. Aspirants can purchase according to their need. Geography Books for IAS Exam The syllabus for this portion is Indian and World Geography: Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. There are the following books …

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