Public Corporation

Public Corporation

A Public Corporation is a body corporate formed by a special Act of Parliament or by the central or state legislature. It is fully financed by the government. Its powers, objects, limitations etc. are also decided by the Act of legislature. For example, Indian Airlines, Air India, State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Food Corporation of India, …

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Departmental Undertakings

Departmental Undertakings

Departmental Undertakings can be defined as the most common and established forms of public enterprises of a country. Such an enterprise is financed as well as organized and managed by the ruling Government of that country itself. A prime departmental undertaking example is the Indian Railway. Immediately after Independence, the Government of India nationalized many enterprises and also established many …

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Empowering Women, Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment – Empowerment is the process which confers power on individuals over their own lives, in their society, and in their communities. It signifies promotion in the social, economic, spiritual or political status of an individual. In the context of women, it is an exercise in enhancing their educational, economic, social, political, and health status. For empowering Indian women, …

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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy in India

Digital Literacy – With the modern-day technical advancement and large-scale consumption of mobile phones as the consumer market, India is a country where awareness and literacy regarding the digital aspect of communication are of utmost necessity. Computers, the internet, and mobile phones have become a seminal part of our existence. Thus, the degree of familiarity with the technological and digital …

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Welfare of Tribal Women

Welfare of Tribal Women – The government has adopted the Tribal Sub GPlan (now called Scheduled Tribe Component’) strategy for ensuring the overall development of tribal areas across the country while ensuring inclusive growth of STS including tribal women. While the major schemes/programmes for providing infrastructural facilities and other amenities like roads, electricity, water, education, health etc. in the tribal …

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Financial Literacy in India

Financial Literacy is the ability to understand different areas and concepts of finance like financial planning budgeting, investment, savings, and much more. Digital literacy is the understanding and navigation of several digital platforms and analyzing their potential as a medium of communication. Digital literacy brings within its ambit, an array of new technological advancements to be used for effective and …

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JAM Trinity

JAM Trinity

JAM Trinity – After 68 years of independence, the country is still suffering from poverty and disparities, though state resources are continuously utilized in the name of poverty alleviation. A series of welfare schemes, over the last 60 years, failed to end the miseries of the most deprived segments of the population. JAM trinity is an attempt to increase the …

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Beekeeping is an agro-based activity that is being undertaken by farmers in rural areas as an integrated framing practice. Beekeeping supplements the income generation and nutritional intake of the rural population. Though honeybees are best known for the honey they produce, their economic role in nature is to pollinate hundreds and thousands of flowering plants and assure the setting of …

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Livestock Industry

The Livestock Industry is an important source of foreign exchange too and is performing well in the manner of production, value addition, and export of dairy, fishery, wool, poultry, and other products. These sectors also play a significant role in supplementing family incomes and generating gainful employment in the rural sector, particularly, among the landless laborers, small and marginal farmers, …

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