Textiles and Clothing Industry

The Textiles and Clothing Industry has the potential to grow significantly and contribute to the Government’s ambitious target of achieving a USD 5 trillion economy by 2024-25. Though the domestic demand is further likely to accelerate, the stagnancy in exports is a concern. The performance on the export front, having about a quarter share in present overall demand, will significantly …

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Bamboo Industry

Bamboo Industry in India

Bamboo Industry is an integral part of our life and culture, as it is used in religious ceremonies, art, and music. Thus it is a mystical plant that engulfs our daily lives. For tribal and forest dwellers “bamboo for living and living with bamboo” is still the norm. This offers an excellent starting point for increasing employment, income generation, and …

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Jute Industry in India

Jute industry is one of the oldest textile industries involving directly or indirectly a large number of people. This industry supports around 40 lakh farm families and provides direct employment to 2.6 lakh industrial workers and 1.4 lakh in the tertiary sector. Government should make efforts in R&D to strengthen the industry and implement newer technologies, diversified products, and improved …

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Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry in India

Dairy Industry in India has come a long way over the years from a low volume of 55.6 million tons in 1991-92 to 176.3 million tons in 2017-18, at an average annual growth rate of 4.5%. Indian dairy sector is uniquely characterised more by ‘production by masses’ rather than ‘mass production’. Dairying provides a remunerative outlet for family labour, so …

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Agro-based Industries in India

Agro-based Industries in India are playing a very important role in economic development. Economic policies of developing nations have always advocated enhancing farmers’ income through product and productivity growth and by systemic value addition in agri-products through processing and manufacturing. India‘s 54.6% population is still engaged in agriculture and allied activities. Indian farmers are largely unorganized. They rely on external …

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Agro-based Industries Scope & Opportunities in Rural India

Agro-based industries are being promoted by the government through several schemes. They are playing a crucial role in boosting the country’s economy. These industries are full of high potential as employment generators, especially in rural India. It also performs a number of crucial functions that support development and poverty alleviation. Given the thrust on doubling farmer’s income, government agencies have …

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Small and Happy Family

Small and Happy family – The family is the smallest but most important unit of society. The parents and their children join together to form a family. When a family gets a good house to live in, clothes to wear and bread to eat is known as a happy family. If proper resources are available for the education of children, …

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Factors affecting Capital Budgeting decision

Capital budgeting, A number of projects are often available to a business to invest in but each product has to be evaluated carefully. Depending upon the returns a particular project is either selected or rejected if there is only one project. Capital Budgeting Decision Capital budgeting is a decision-making process used by businesses to determine which capital-intensive initiatives they should …

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