Combined Medical Services

Telemedicine for Rural India

Telemedicine for Rural India – Health is not everything but everything else is nothing without health. One of the first pieces of literature known to humans, Rig Veda also says “In the beginning, there was a desire which was the first seed of mind”. In a nation with 1.3 billion people, out of them 700 million in rural areas, ensuring …

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Challenges to Digital India

Challenges to Digital India

Challenges to Digital India – There are many roadblocks in the way of its successful implementation like digital illiteracy, poor infrastructure, low internet speed, lack of coordination among various departments, issues pertaining to taxation, etc. These challenges need to be addressed in order to realize the full potential of this program. Challenges to Digital India Digital India is achievable but …

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Strength is the ability of the muscles to overcome resistance. It is an essential element or component of physical fitness. It can also be defined as the amount of force in muscles or muscle groups that can exert the power of the body can be measured in pounds are dynes. A certain level of strength is also essential for a …

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