Acid Rain

Acid Rain is a specific form of precipitation which is acidic. It has elevated levels of hydrogen ions. It can harmful effect on plants aquatic animal, infrastructure. Acid Rain occurs when certain emissions come into contact with the water of the atmosphere. Learn everything about it in this article and info graphic. it is a precipitate in any of the following forms  Rain  Snow  Sleet  fog Which contains high level of acid which are  Sulfuric acid Nitric acid Which are the constituent of following  70% derived from oxydation and hydrolysis of Sulfur die oxide and hydrogen sulfide. 30% derived from various nitric oxides and other compounds. Both Sulphur and nitrogen emission attributed to the burning of the fossil fuels. Last …

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Location of India

What is the Location of India? wherein India situated in the context of the world? Location of India India Located in the northern hemisphere of the earth. India is a country in South Asia. Tropic of cancer divided the country into two equal parts. 68°7′ E – 97°25′ E Territory from west to east 37°6′ N – 8°4′ N territory from north to south The longitude 82°30’E taken as the Indian standard time. The Bay of Bengal in the east. The Arabian Sea in the west. The Himalayan in the north. Indian Ocean in the south. 2933 km, Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 3214 km, Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh. Seven countries that share a boundary with Location of India Afghanistan Pakistan China …

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Our Country India

Our Country India is very diverse. Where is India situated we will see in the geographical sense. India is a country with vast geographical expanse. The Bay of Bengal in the east. The Arabian Sea in the west. The Himalayan in the north. Indian Ocean in the south. 2900 km, Kashmir to Kanyakumari 3200 km, Kuchchh to Arunachal Pradesh India has great diversity in landforms, Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife. Seven countries that share boundary with India Afghanistan Pakistan China Nepal Bhutan Bangladesh Myanmar Sri lanka is separated by palk strait. Our Country India India Location India can be located by the following points. Located in northern hemisphere. Tropic of Cancer divides the country into two equal parts. From Left to …

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