Management of time

The student must know how to manage his time. Students only know how to manage is precious time because student life is the most important part of one’s life. And here time lost means everything lost. He and she should not be taken in by other views. Rather he or she should be his or her own manager. And a good manager is one who does the right thing at the right time at the right place. So all of these three issues should be kept in mind by the student if he or she wants to establish good grounds for his or her future. Management of time is important to us. The youth has to face neck to neck …

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Role of sports in Personality Development

Physical development continuous participation in games and sports from an early age in hands is the physical development of an individual through capacity building and physical coordination through the positive use of energy and the promotion of healthy body is sports and games lead to prepare efficiency in the neuromuscular coordination which ultimately makes once moment. Well-organized games are stimulants to physical growth their shape the body and enhance the physical aspects of an individual participation in it is one of the best means to maintain the optimum health from childhood to adulthood games like it is the development and refinement of perceptual abilities involving vision balance and tactile sensation. mental development provides ample opportunities for an individual to participate …

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भारतीय कृषि एवं सिंचाई

आपने अपने गांव में, कस्बे में, अपने घर और आस पास पड़ोस वालो को खेतों पर जाते हुए देखा है। क्या आप जानते हैं कि वे लोग खेतों में क्या? क्या कभी आप अपने पिता या भाई के साथ खेत पर काम करने जैसे फसल बोने, काटने, अनाज लाने जाते हैं। यह आपके घर या पास-पड़ोस वालों का व्यवसाय है जिसे हम कृषि कहते हैं। कृषि हमारे देश की सबसे पुरानी और महत्वपूर्ण आर्थिक क्रिया है। भारतीय कृषि हमारे देश के आर्थिक विकास में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है। कृषि कृषि से तात्पर्य केवल खेतिया फसलें उत्पन्न करना ही नहीं होता है। कृषि के अंतर्गत पशु पालन, मुर्गी पालन, मधुमक्खी पालन, रेशम कीट पालन, झींगा पालन बागवानी और मत्स्य पालन भी आता।मनुष्य …

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“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” Loving ourselves works miracles in our life.” If you don’t love yourself, nobody else is going to love you. So, the way of earning love from others u will love yourself, and your soul. Be gentle with yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right attitude. Keep learning in every situation in every level of life you should always invest in yourself. Not others, today most of the peoples are investing in our own need so how they are able to live a good and happy life. In modern times, the passage of a motion of …

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Attitude a key role of success

In Social psychologists, the attitude is a very important part of human personality and living behaviour if u want a good and well life and surroundings so you should hardly show any uniformity in giving a definition of attitude. Some behaviouristically inclined social psychologists refer to the attitudes which is the key role of success as conforming behaviour. The behaviour is directed towards a particular standard or norms. One cannot speak of conformity if there is no standard or norm. If the person is not able to speak there feelings and emotions so, they are at the starting age of being a business. Attitudes are formed with respect to situations, persons or groups with which individual comes in contact with each …

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identity, self, authentic


The main aim of every individual, teacher, trainers, coaches in sports psychologist and individuals performance to an optimum level. To achieve this they must consider the effect of anxiety on performances. In fact, anxiety is a psychological and psychological state of an individual. It is characterized by cognitive, emotional and behavioural components. These components combined to create and present feelings which are associated with an easiness, fear and worry. Anxiety is a chronic fear that limits our ability to carry out normal functions. It usually results in the excitation of various organ of the body. Examples of this phenomenon evident in athletes are sweating hands, frequently argue to urinate, increased respiration rate, increased muscle tension, increased heart rate, etc. It …

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anxiety, fear, stress

Body Image

Body image is how and what you think and feel about your body. In other words, It is both the mental picture that you have of your body and how you perceive yourself when you look at a mirror. It include the picture of your body that you have in your mind, which may or may not match your body is the actual shape, size, height and weight. Positive Body Image Positive image is also called a healthy body image. The individuals, who accept the way they look and feel good about their bodies have a positive for healthy. For having a positive or healthy image you are not required to be thin or tall or any other specific physical …

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Strength is the ability of the muscles to overcome resistance it is an essential element or component of physical fitness. Strength is of two types, One is Dynamic strength and second is Static strength. Strength can also be defined as the amount of force in muscles or muscle group can exert the strength of the body can be measured in pounds are dynes. A certain level of strength is also essential for a common man whereas, for a sports person it is the most essential component. Some applications for sports may require less amount of strength while other avocations or sports may require much strength. Types of strength Different types of activities required different types of strength. For the better …

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