Causes of Social Problems

Causes of Social Problems: Social problems arise about pathological social conditions. They occur in all societies simple as well as complex. What it means is that where is your and when we were a relationship is affected between a group of individuals, it leads to maladjustments and conflicts.

Social Problems

A social problem is a condition affecting a significant number of people in ways considered undesirable about which it is felt that something can be done through collective social action.

Causes of Social Problems

Causes of Social Problems

Three factors are important in the understanding of the casual factors in social problems:

  1. The casual conditions are numerous. Broadly, the potential causes of social problems found in social environment are
    • Contradictions in social systems
    • Malfunctioning of economic systems
    • Lack of change in religious systems
    • Defective functioning of political systems
  2. Social problems provide a strong bases of common causal factors.
  3. Social problems are interrelated and interdependent in the sense that they are cumulatively promotive and provocative, that is, they foster and encourage one another.
Causes of Social Problems
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Important factors in Development of social problem

Reinhardt has referred to three factors in the development of social problems:

1. Differentiation and multiplication of interests and functions

The principal bat the greater the number of parts in a machine or an organism, the greater will be the probability of maladjustment among the parts, holds good for human societies too, where as there is increased opportunity for the collision of interest of various individuals, groups, institutions and systems. Untouchability, communal riots and political crimes are the Social problems which are the result of the clash of interests of different castes and classes.

2. Accelerating frequency of social change or growth of civilization

This has been made possible due to the multiplication of scientific and mechanical innovations. For example the invention of machines has destroyed many old forms of employment resulting in the migration of millions of people and has given rise to class conflicts. It is, thus, the structural and functional maladjustment arising from revolutionary inventions which create many social problems.

3. Man’s developed insight to make a scientific analysis

Your scenes man has developed his social insight of looking into the working of nature, issues which were formerly regarded as simple or now received as the result of various kind of natural conditions which influence man and society.

Causes of Social Problems

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