Characteristics of Social Problems

Characteristics of Social Problems: On the basis of concept of social problems, we can identify the following characteristics of social problem:

  • All social problems our situation which have injurious consequences for society.
  • All social problems are deviations from the ideal situation.
  • All social problems have some common basis of origin.
  • All social problems are social in origin.
  • All social problems are caused by pathological social conditions.
  • All social problems are interconnected.
  • All social problems are are social in their results, that is, they affect all sections of society.
  • The responsibility for social problems is social, that is they require a collective approach for their solution.
Characteristics of Social Problems

Characteristics of Social Problems

Weinberg gives six characteristics of Social problems as under:

  1. Social problems arise by being collectively defined as objectionable many members of the community. Thus, adverse conditions not defined by the community as reprehensible are not considered as social problems. For example, if taking alcohol is not regarded as objectionable by society, it is not considered a social problem. But as society recognises and discusses the problems inherent in alcohol consumption studies its consequences and devises a plan of corrective action to control it, it comes to be defined as a social problem even through the original situation may not have changed.
  2. Social problems change when the concerned behaviour patterns are interrupted differently. For example, till a few decades ago, mental illness was wiped age insanity and it was considered so this graceful that the families kept the members mental illness a secret. Now, the behaviour of mentally-ill person is seen only as one type of ‘deviant behaviour’ which requires psychatric and social treatment. Thus, the problem of mental illness today is met more realistic and effectively.
  3. Mass media (newspapers, internet, television, radio, movies) play an important role in creating awareness about the scope and urgency of social problems.
  4. Social problems have to be viewed in context of societie’s values and institutions; for example, the problem of racial conflict in the United States is different from the problem of untouchability in India.
  5. Social problems need to be analysed in terms of the influences upon them by group processes and social relationships.
  6. Scenes social problems very historically, contemporary social problems are the society’s concern that is the problem of refugee settlement in India in 1947-48 was different from the problem of settling refugee from Assam in 1968.
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Characteristics of Social Problems

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