Conservation of natural resources

First of all, it is essential to know what conservation of surrounding for the environment means conservation of surroundings for the environment simply implies the sustainable use, as well as the management of natural resources such as wildlife water air energy and Earth deposits environment, means everything which in bronze or surrounds us conservation of environment does not mean that the use of natural resources should be stopped actually the aim of conservation of the environment is the balanced and prudent use of natural resources so that neither the environment is affected know the future generations are deprived of natural resources.

As a matter of fact conservation of natural resources usually focuses on the needs and interest of human beings, for example, it has the biological economic cultural and recreational values it is a fact that the development is necessary for a better future but only when the changes occur in the best interest of everyone.

Conservation of natural resources

Suggestions for conservation of surroundings or environment

the efforts for conservation of surrounding or environment example natural resources should be made at all levels example in streets villages cities schools colleges offices states and at National and international levels, all the government and non-government organisation should take their responsibility more seriously and effectively everyone should make one’s best efforts for the conservation some Vittal session in this regard are mentioned subsequently.

Conservation of forests

Encourage plantation, help in saving plants, cut the trees judiciously for fuel take TRAI branches only and do not damage or cut the entire tree. Make a fence around the field by plantation so that the natural environment could be saved. For construction of houses use wood in a balanced way.

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Conservation of Energy

Speech of bulbs tube lights man and other electric appliances when they are not in use the solar water heater uses solar cooker solar lights instead of coal LPG and wood try to use and other sources of energy such as wind energy hydroelectric energy tidal energy see thermal energy geothermal energy biogas etc instead of fossil fuels for various purposes where more warm clothes instead of using heater to keep yourself warm if the destination of members of a family is same use only one vehicle.

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