Constituent Assembly

In November 1946, by cabinet mission plan Hindu majority India constituted a constituent assembly having the following features. Total strength was 389. 296 was from British India and 93 from princely States. Each province and princely state where to be allotted seats in proportion to their respective population. i.e. one seat was to be allotted for every million population.

Seats allotted to each British province were to be decided among the three communities Muslim sheikhs and all other in proportion to their populations. Thus, as a result, Constituent assembly was to be a partially elected and partially nominated body.

The members where to be indirectly elected by the members of the provincial assemblies who themselves were elected on a limited franchise. In 1946, the month of July and August gone for the election. Result of the election was from total 296. 286 seats were from Indian National Congress, 73 seats Muslim League, 15 seats from others.

Constituent Assembly

Working of Indian Constituent Assembly

  • First meeting of constituent assembly on 9 December 1946. Muslim League boycotted the meeting. There are only 211 members present on that first day.
  • Dr Sacchidanand Sinha elected as temporary president of the assembly. Later on 11 December 1946, following was selected on the following post.
    President- Dr Rajendra Prasad
    Vice president- H.C. Mukherjee
    Constitutional advisor- Sir B.N. Rao

Sessions of Constituent Assembly

There are total 11 sessions in the constituent assembly. Which are as given below:

First Session9-23 December 1946
Second Session20-25 January 1947
Third Session28 Apr – 2 May 1947
Fourth Session14-31 July 1947
Fifth Session14-30 August 1947
Sixth Session 27 January 1948
Seventh Session4 November 1948 8 January 1949
Eighth Session 16 May-16 June 1949
Ninth session 30 July 18 September 1949
Tenth Session6-17 October 1949
Eleventh Session 14-26 November 1949

Functions of Constituent Assembly

  1. It ratified India’s membership of Commonwealth in 1949.
  2. It adopted the national flag on by July 1947.
  3. It adopted the national anthem on 24 January 1950.
  4. It adopted the national song on 24 January 1950.
  5. It elected Dr Rajendra Prasad as the first president of India on 24 January 1950.

Committees of Constituent Assembly

To formulate Indian Constitution many committees have been formulated. Here is a table which contains the head of the committee and it’s name.

PersonHead of the Committee
Jawaharlal NehruUnion powers committee
Union constitution committee
States committee
Dr BR AmbedkarDrafting committee
Dr Rajendra PrasadRules of procedure committee
Steering committee
Sardar Patelprovincial constitution committee
Advisory Committee on fundamental rights, minorities, tribal and excluded areas

Indian Constitution History

Drafting committee

It is set up on 29 August 1947 having 7 members for preparing a draught of the new constitution.

  1. Dr B. R. Ambedkar (Chairman) 
  2. N Gopala Swami Ayyangar
  3. Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer
  4. Dr K M Munshi
  5. Syed Mohammed Sadullah
  6. N Madhava Rao
  7. TT Krishnamacharya

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