Contribution of Women Astronomers

The Contribution of Women Astronomers is very crucial info

This year the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is celebrating 100 years of its establishment.

Inclusive Astronomy

Theme of celebration

Under this theme, IAU is coordinating local, national and global activities to support historically underrepresented groups in astronomy.

One important goal is the implementation of actions to support and encourage women at all career levels and to promote inclusive, equitable work environments in astronomy-related careers.

Contribution of Women Astronomers

In most scientific fields, the participation of women in research at the highest level has not been so common. Only three women have won Nobel prizes in Physics so far, and none in astronomy. However, there have been several women astronomers who have made very significant contributions to the subject.

Contribution of Women Astronomers

In view of the 100 years celebrations of the IAU, let’s take note of the work of three astronomers.

The work done by these three women astronomers is of the highest level and has been of greatest importance for the progress of the astronomy. Each of these works deserved a nobel prize.

In fact, Sir Anthony Hewish and Sir Martin Ryle were awarded Nobel Prize in 1974 for the discovery of pulsars and for their contribution to radio astronomy.
The omission of Jocelyn Bell from the nobel prize winners evoked a lot of controversy.

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