CCC Practice Paper

This NIELIT CCC Practice Paper is highly useful for the NIELIT CCC program. The CCC Course gives support to gaining basic knowledge of computers. These practice papers will also help in many competitive exams. The knowledge of computer can be used for basic purposes like personal/business letters, information on the internet, receiving and sending mails, preparing business presentations, preparing small databases etc.

NIELIT (DOEACC) has launched a Certificate Course designed to impart knowledge at a basic level in computers. This Certificate Course is CCC (Course on Computer Concept). The CCC Course on Computer Concepts is highly useful to give support to gaining basic knowledge of computers and to get this certificate.

CCC Course on Computer Concept
CCC Practice Paper

What is CCC?

NIELIT (DOEACC) has launched a Certificate Course designed to impart knowledge at a basic level in computers or IT Literacy program. This programme has essentially been conceived with the idea of giving an opportunity to the students to attend computer literacy.

This program has essentially been conceived with the idea of giving an opportunity to the common man to attain computer literacy thereby contributing to increased and speedy PC penetration in different walks of life. This helps small business communities, housewives, etc. to maintain their small accounts using computers and enjoy the world of Information Technology. This course is, therefore, designed to be more practical-oriented.

Now, Computer has become an essential need for any person, because of the use of computers in each sector. It is also an essential need for all government and semi-government organizations. So, a diploma, degree, or any certificate related to the computer has become necessary for appearing in various competitive examinations.

Paper Language – English

Course on Computer Concept
CCC Practice Paper

The computer is one of the major aspects of professional life because for this reason, it is an essential need of all government and semi-government organizations. So Diploma, Degree or any other Certificate related to computer becomes necessary for appearing in the various competitive examinations.

Features of CCC Practice Paper

Every CCC Practice Set will consist of 100 questions. Students need to solve it in 2 hours. There will be no negative marking. After giving the test result will be available here in seconds. There are total 9 chapters mentioned in the syllabus as follows:

  1. Introduction to computer
  2. Introducing to the operating system
  3. Word processing
  4. Spreadsheet
  5. Presentation
  6. Introduction to the internet and www
  7. Email, social networking and e-governance services
  8. Digital financial tools and applications
  9. Overview of future skills and cyber security
CCC Syllabus
CCC Practice Paper

Key Features

According to the latest syllabus of NIELIT (DOEACC), Each chapter starts with an Introduction. The necessary study material well supported by Definitions, Examples, Figures, Tables, etc has been given. At the end of each chapter, inclusion of Objective and True/False Questions. In the end, of course, the inclusion of Computer Abbreviation, Glossary and 5 Model Practice Sets.

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However, we put our best efforts into preparing this course, but if any error whatsoever has been skipped out, we will try to rectify those in the coming editions.

CCC Grades

The CCC result is declared in the form of grades. However, the grades are allotted on the basis of the marks secured by the candidates in the exam. The minimum qualifying marks for the exam are 50%. After solving CCC Practice Paper, the Student will get the grade according to this. Here are the details of marks percentage and respective grades:

Marks (in Percentage)Grade
85% and OverS
75% to 84%A
65% to 74%B
55% to 64%C
50% to 54%D
Below 50% (Fail)F
CCC Practice Paper

CCC Certificate

NIELIT will issue the CCC certificates to the successful candidates, which will be digitally signed e-certificates. The validity of the certificate will be lifetime. Candidates can contact the regional office and if the query is not resolved at the regional level then it can be escalated to NIELIT HQ New Delhi. CCC Certificate contains the following details:

  1. Student Name
  2. Mother’s name
  3. Father’s name
  4. Guardian name
  5. Name of institution
  6. Student Roll number
  7. Exam Month
  8. Passing Grade
CCCCCC Syllabus
CCC Practice PaperCCC Admit Card
CCC Result

FAQ – CCC Practice Paper

How many questions are to be attempted and what is the duration of the examination?

The examination of CCC comprises 100 objective-type questions of 1 mark each, and the candidate is required to attempt the 100 questions in 90 minutes. There is no negative marking.

If I pass the CCC examination, can I have to collect my CCC certificate from NIELIT or it will be dispatched to me?

CCC certificate

With effect from November 2014, digitally signed e-certificates are being issued to the candidates who pass the CCC examination conducted by NIELIT. The digitally signed e-certificates can be downloaded by the successful candidates from the website of NIELIT Successful candidates can save the pdf file of the e-certificate of CCC for future use.

I have downloaded my e-certificate, but the e–certificate displays a question mark, and the signature is not a verified message.

This occurs when the digital certificate and digital signature associated with the PDF file have not yet been verified on your computer system. You need to verify the digital signatures on your computer system.

Is there any cost to enrolling in the CCC Practice Paper course?

This course is free. So, all the material with practice paper is free to all. There is a total of 6 practice papers in the CCC course. In addition, there is also 30+ question on every topic.

What are the eligibility criteria for CCC Course?

The candidates can appear in the NIELIT CCC Examination either through NIELIT-approved Institutes which are permitted to conduct CCC Course and having obtained E-Provisional no. / Registration no. or as Direct applicants irrespective of any educational qualifications.

What is NIELIT?

NIELIT was formed in 1994 and was formerly known as DOEACC Society. It is administered by the  Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India. It offers various programs related to IECT at different levels and the CCC certificate course is one of the digital literacy programs offered by this organization.

CCC Exam, ccc result
CCC Practice Paper

CCC Practice Paper

CCC practice set in English is available here. Students can give free online ccc practice sets. Here is the given latest trend of questions asked in the CCC exam. In these CCC practice sets, you give a test online set by set. There will be 100 questions with no negative marking. The maximum time for a test is 2 hours. Here we are giving 6 practice papers for the CCC exam. Students may give tests online without any cost.

CCC CCC Syllabus
CCC Practice Paper CCC Admit Card
CCC Result

CCC Practice Set Number Question Type Number of Question
1 Objective + True False 100
2 Objective + True False 100
3 Objective + True False 100
4 Objective + True False 100
5 Objective + True False 100
6 Objective + True False 100