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English Vocabulary course has been designed with an aim of helping the students to improve their vocabulary. As you know, good vocabulary strengthens writing and speaking skills. This basic Vocabulary is good for those who wish to start from the foundation. Though it is amazing for newbies, it may not work for peeps already getting along English in their day-to-day life conversion.

Building your vocabulary requires more than flash cards. Learners can improve their vocabulary with simple lessons and activities in this course. This course contains more than 12,500 such words that are used in day-to-day life for a conversation. The course provides an easy approach to pronunciation & meanings of frequently used English words.

English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary is all about starting vocabulary building. This will help your students learn more vocabulary will enrich your vocabulary knowledge, prepare you to undertake new tasks, and boost your language cognitively, socially, and linguistically. You can increase your vocabulary – faster and more easily than you may realize.

English as a language has an advantage in our professional life. A person unable to communicate in English will raise a question to all of his knowledge. So, to Learn English this course gives a simple introduction to essential vocabulary skills.

In most of the competitive examinations such as CAT, MAT XAT, SNAP, Bank PO Recruitments, TOEFL, etc, the prerequisite of ‘success’ is a strong vocabulary of the English Language. Simply collecting individual words, and memorizing their meanings and usages may prove good for nothing to help you master these words. You forget them when you actually need them.

Course NameEnglish Vocabulary
Age GroupAll
LevelBeginner to Advanced
Validity6 Month
Subsequent CourseEnglish Grammar

Features of the English Vocabulary Course

The English Vocabulary course covers the following topics:

  • English Alphabet and Ordinals
  • Words Used in Daily Routine
  • Name of Parts of the Body
  • Name of Relations
  • Name of Ornaments & Jewels
  • Name of Animals
  • Name of Birds
  • Name of Some Reptiles
  • Water Living Creatures
  • Worms & Insects
  • Domestic Articles
  • Homes & Abodes
  • Name of Musical Instruments
  • Name of Minerals
  • Young Ones of Animals & Birds
  • Cries of Creatures
  • Clothes & Dresses
  • Terms Used in Sports & Games
  • Name of Medical Sciences & Medicines
  • Terms Used in Post & Telegraph Departments.

English Vocabulary Course Pre Test

Total Question 30
Maximum Time 30 Minute
Maximum Attempts 2

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maximum of 44 points
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English Writing Skills
English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary Advanced

The hallmark of a powerful vocabulary is not simply knowing many words; rather, it’s knowing the exact word to use in a specific context or situation. English Vocabulary Advanced course consists of many quizzes to improve good word selection. It is the next level of this English Vocabulary course. In English Vocabulary Advanced we used many different approaches as follows:

  • Prefix, Suffix & Roots
  • Word Building
  • Spelling Rules
  • Words according to Parts of Speech
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • One Word Substitution
  • Idioms and Phrases
Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission CGPSC
English Vocabulary

Vocabulary and Success

Educational research has discovered that your I.Q. is intimately related to your vocabulary. The more extensive your vocabulary, the better your chances of success, other things being equal – success in attaining your educational goals, success in moving ahead in your business or professional career, and success in achieving your intellectual potential.

Furthermore, You can start improving your vocabulary immediately – and within a few days, you can be cruising along at such a rapid rate that there will be an actual change in your thinking, your ability to express your thoughts, and your powers of understanding. English Vocabulary course is a unique way to brush up on your word power.

It weaves the difficult words into the abridged forms and equips you with a better understanding of their meanings and usage. A rich vocabulary assists in climbing the ladder of success with ease—both in personal and professional life. This course aims to cater to the need felt to express lucidly.

An attempt has been made to include all important features of vocabulary which are required for effective writing and speech. Entries are listed alphabetically to facilitate quick and convenient use.

FAQ – English Vocabulary

Is there any cost to enrolling in the English Vocabulary course?

This course is free. So, all the material with quizzes is free to all.

What are vocabulary words?

Vocabulary is all about words. The words in a language or a special set of words you are trying to learn. Vocabulary is so important, we even created a course to help expand yours.

How can I improve my vocabulary?
  1. Develop a reading habit. Vocabulary building is easiest when you encounter words in context.
  2. Use the dictionary and thesaurus.
  3. Play word games.
  4. Use flashcards.
  5. Subscribe to “word of the day” feeds.
  6. Use mnemonics.
  7. Practice using new words in conversation.
How does reading improve your vocabulary?

That’s because you’re learning the words contextually. The words make sense within the context of what you’re reading so it makes it easier to remember later.

How this course can help me to improve my English Vocabulary?

The course will enrich the vocabulary and at the same time help learn proper usage of words in different contexts. Besides students; the book will be useful for professionals; general readers; media persons; and those aspiring to attain success in competitive examinations.

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