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Case 2: Consugal visit of Spouse in Jail

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Situation (Petition)
What is Conjugal Visit?

It is a scheduled period in which an inmate of a prison or jail is permitted to spend several hours or days in private with a visitor, usually their legal spouse. The parties may engage in sexual activity. 

Conjugal visits usually take place in designated rooms or a structure provided for that purpose, such as a trailer or a small cabin. Supplies such as soap, condoms, lubricant, bed linens, and towels may be provided.

A male prisoner is in jail. His spouse came to meet him in Jail. So, a petition was filed by a lawyer and social activist said

conjugal visitation rights were not provided in prisons in the State though most of the prisoners fall under the sexually active age group.


A Conjugal visit is a fundamental right of a prisoner. So, it will continue.

Reason behind Judgement

Despite courts taking a progressive approach and various countries allowing the conjugal visit, considering it an important human right and also in the light of studies backing conjugal visit as a factor to cut down crimes in jail and reform inmates.