Deforestation Causes and Effects


Deforestation means that the destruction of trees from big areas like the forest. Because of this deforestation and cutting of trees and Woods, there will be a great cause of land pollution.
Trees and Woods are important for our environment if they are not there in the environment; they can cause great damage to our nature.
People cut trees for their work; they did not think about environmental causes. People cut the whole area of forest for their own need to built-in their own houses industries.

Woods from trees are also used to make papers. Forest covers the most area of land, and if people cut the forest, there will be a great loss for the environment. Not only for the environment but these forests are also very important for animals.


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Causes Of Deforestation

The causes of deforestation are extremely affected by the rural, urban and Corporate areas. The people in the rural area cut down the trees for their use and their livings. These people cut down the trees woods for making home or Woods of the trees for a burning fire.

These people became desperate to cut the trees without the wood of the trees they cannot get survived as they cannot cook without the woods as they are used for the cooking purpose.
The people in the rural areas cannot live without woods and trees, so they cut down the trees and the large area of the forest for their livings.

The people in the urban areas cut down the trees as there are many populations growing day by day, so far more population and buildings to get developed forest areas are cut down and many buildings are being developed there for the people.
As there is a large number of areas in the forest people tried to cut these trees from those areas and get a huge amount of area for making buildings. In all the sectors forest had to cut, and it’s very harmful to the environment when there are no trees.

There are cutting of trees in corporate sectors also as in the corporate sectors Mang businessman tries to develop their more Industries at many places so they cut down these forests areas and try to build their industries in the land of the forest area so that they can grow their business widely.
Mostly the government people and the officers also belong to this deforestation as they permit these people to cut down the trees and forests. They did not take their responsibilities properly, and that is why there it causes harm to the environment.

Effects Of Deforestation

Deforestation of the trees causes main harm to the environment cycle as the forest trees take carbon dioxide that humans exhale and they give oxygen that that is very much needed for humans.
Without trees, it causes pollution and pollution are very harmful to humans. Humans to live in this nature they should not cut trees, or they should recycle them and plant more and more trees to get pure oxygen to live. So for the survival in this environment, we should not cut trees and plant more and more trees.

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