Diabetes and prevention

Diabetes is really a very dangerous species if diabetes is not controlled. It can be late to renal failure, loss of vision, amputation of limbs and cardiovascular disease. Diabetes is such a disease that causes sugar to put up in our body and Platt state of being used by the cells in our bodies. In fact, about uses a hormone insulin to control the level of sugar in our blood.

there are two different types of diabetes.

  1. the pancreas gland does not produce insulin injection of insulin is required daily for its treatment.
  2. the body does not produce sufficient amount of insulin hormone or hormone is produced but it is not used properly.

There are frequent cases of type 2 diabetes whereas the cases of type 1. There is the feeling of tiredness need to urinate more numbers in hand and feet blurred vision and excessive weight, gain or weight loss and inhaling of pounds etc, are common symptoms of diabetes people with obesity usually fall prey to diabetes.

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Prevention and management of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by laying stress on the following point.

Regular exercise

Exercises play a very significant role not only in preventing the type 2 diabetes part managing. It also regular exercise can reduce the sugar level in the blood. it also improves the production of insulin and destruction of the heart physical exercise for at least 60 minutes or more on 6 days. if b is the best however performing even a little bit of exercise is much better than done at all walking is also a simple and effective exercise, that many people can enjoy at least take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Maintain a healthy weight

For maintaining a healthy weight, you should always try to make a balance between your intake of calories and expenditure of calories. So, don’t try to take more calories than your body. Each day for better your healthy weight your BMI should be between 18.5 to 24.9. If it is showing upstart taking low calories diet for reducing the intake of calories for starting aerobic exercises for burning extra calories. So that BMI may remain at the proper level as a matter of fact regular exercise definitely reduces the chances of curing diabetes.

Reduce the intake of saturated fat

Reduce the intake of saturated fat. if you want to prevent diabetes type II in teeth. Intake of saturated fat in more amount definitely leads to overweight for obesity. which ultimately in has the chances of occurring diabetes.

Avoid rich carbohydrate food

If you want to prevent type II diabetes, avoid rich carbohydrate food. however, it does not mean that you should not take carbohydrates. It is necessary to increase the level of energy sources produce its amount in diet for preventing this.

Eat healthy foods

If you want to prevent diabetes, include plenty of vegetable fruit and fibre. Then the whole grade in our diet, when you take fruits or vegetable try to take deep coloured fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrot, and where is for taking whole grains, oat, milk, parali, brown rice, whole meet and corner better to include in your diet such type of food will definitely help in preventing diabetes.

A small portion of miles

For preventing the high level of sugar blood sugar eat at least five or six small portions of meals a rate than one pic male take small meals and don’t do overeating.

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