Diversity and discrimination

In the last post, we have seen that peoples are very diverse in India. In this chapter talking about the discrimination caused by the diversity means the relation of diversity and discrimination.

  1. There are 8 major religions in the world.
  2. More than 1600 languages that are peoples mother’s tongue.
  3. More than hundred dance forms.
  4. Rural and urban areas have different lifestyle.


it means to judge other people negatively and think that only one way is the best and right way to do things we often end up not respecting others who may prefer to do things differently.

Example- if we think english is the best language and other language are not important then we judging other language negatively.

We may not respect people who speak languages other than English.

Diversity and discrimination

Diversity and discrimination

In the given data when people prejudice then discrimination occurs. So, people can prejudice as for regions, language,

Prejudice for dance form

Prejudice for rural or urban areas.

People with special need also need a special separate institution. This helps for people can’t discriminate each other.

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Inequality and discrimination

when people prejudice then discrimination occurs and also have several reasons which are as following for discrimination.

  1. If anyone do something to put other people down.
  2. If anyone stop them to part in certain activity.
  3. Economic background
  4. Caste
  5. Religion
  6. Sex
  7. Living in special regions.

Discrimination caused inequality.

When India became a nation in 1947 our leaders too were concerned about the different kinds of inequality that existed.

The writers of the Constitution also said that respect for diversity was a significant element in ensuring equality.


  1. India became a secular country where people of different religions and faiths have the freedom to practice and follow their religion without any fear of discrimination.
  2. This is seen as an important element of our unity – that we live together and respect one other.

Understanding Diversity

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