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Doping is the word, which is used in the field of sports, when athletes use prohibited substance or methods to unfairly improve their sports performance. In general terms, it is the use of performance-enhancing substances or method athletes to gain an advantage over their competitors. In fact, some athletes take illegal substances to enhance their performance activity is known as doping.

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Doping in sports is the deliberated or inadvertent use by the athlete of a substance or method banned by the International Olympic Committee. In fact, the plan for prediction on such substances are necessary to protect the athletes from the unfair advantage. Which may be killed by force athletes who used for habitat substances for the method to enhance performance centre possible harmful side effects. Which some substances or methods can produce the following definitions of stooping help in understanding its exact meaning.

According to the International Olympic Committee “It is the use of any method of substance that might the slipped in a quest to give an unfair advantage for his sleeve competitors”.
World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), “it is defined as the occurrence of one or more of the anti-doping rules violation set forth in article 2.1 true article 2.8 of the code.
We often think of stooping as being the use of the habitat substance but breaking other anti-doping rules is also considered doping.

  • Presence of a prohibited substance for method.
  • Use for an attempt to use if the habitat substance for method.
  • Failed to file athletes fair about after being notified.
  • Tracking pitted substance or method.
  • Position of a prohibited substance on method.

Which is very clear that doping is not only using a prohibited substance or method to enhance sports performance but to break anyone for both rule is also included under it. However, It can be concluded that it refer to the use to performance enhancing substance or method that is not approved by the law toilets the Word Anti Doping code.

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