Educating masses on health and nutrition

Changing foods habits with reduced physical activity is a growing phenomenon around the world. People are consuming more foods high in energy, saturated fats, free sugars, salt and less of fruits. Nutritious food is a vital cornerstone of health.

Health awareness news to be imported to provide knowledge and skill regarding relationship between good diet, physical activity and health.

There is a consistent rise in the problem of undernutrition micronutrient deficiencies obesity and diet related chronic diseases across the globe. Energy imbalance may result in poor physical and cognitive development morbidity and mortality as well as multi to the laws of human potential does affecting social economic development.

Many developing Nations including India are presently dealing with health concerns at both ends of the nutrition structure of bearing dual burden of malnutrition. According to World health organisation malnutrition refers to the efficiencies axis are in balances in a persons intake of energy or nutrients. While hundreds of millions suffer from chronic disease diseases caused by excessive or balanced diet countries are still struggling to feed the population as well as facing the cost preventing obesity and treating diet related non communicable diseases.

Article 47 of the constitution states that it is the duty of the state to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health.

Socio economic development coupled with lifestyle changes have led to a drastic shift in the c pattern from communicable to non communicable diseases. Education disparity in social justice as to existing concern due to several factors the pura to treatment of diseases remains in acceptable to the masses and its uses is often lacking. In the current scenario a paradigm shift from birati to preventive approach to this is a prerequisite at individual as well as mass level.

The goal of health and nutrition for all is attainment of the highest possible level of good health being and good nutrition population based approach of integrated health.

Nutrition is a science involving the interaction of nutrients and other compounds present in food like anthocyanin tennis antioxidants maintenance reproduction health and diseases condition of an individual. Good nutrition implies consumption of appropriate amount of nutrients from healthy foods in the right combinations. Regular physical activity is also essential for maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Nutrition constitutes the very foundation of human development by imparting in unity and thus reducing morbidity, mortality and disability. Nutrition and health education has been recognised as an important tool for nutrition promotion and perhaps the most cost effective tool for improving the quality of life and development of the community and the nation. Realising importance of integrated approach to healthy nutrition education government organisers training of grassroots level functionaries belonging to concerned sectors like agriculture health women and child development education rural development at village or block level.

Poshan abhiyaan Jan andolan and bhagidari in blind people’s movement to give movement to poshan abhiyaan on 24 July 2018 National council on India’s nutrition challenges decided to celebrate September as rashtriya poshan maah. During this month activities related to nutrition awareness are carried out by all the states union territories up to grassroots level.

Pradhanmantri swasthya Suraksha Yojana was launched in 2003 ka improving regional imbalances in the availability of affordable and reliable tertiary health care services as well as augmenting facilities for providing quality medical education.

Health awareness needs to be imparted to provide knowledge and skill regarding relationship between good diet physical activity and health sev food preparation identify barriers to make healthy food choices and solutions to overcome those barriers providing media and marketing literacy to the masses it personally regarding misleading food choices.

Appropriate initiatives need to be taken right from childhood in school France their centres and in the families that foundation stone of healthy eating habits and good health is played at the right age and can be transmitted well in future generations too.

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