Electricity is one of the most useful forms of energy. It is used to run various appliances suggestively Amazon music system, computer, refrigerator, heaters etc. they work only when electric current flows through them. Electrical energy can be transformed into several forms of energy. In a light bulb, electrical energy is transformed into heat and light energy.

In a fan, it is transformed into mechanical energy. In a television, it is transformed into light and sound energy. The flow of electrons generate an electric current.

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily life. It has simplified our lifestyle and has made us equipped with those technologies which will bring emails development and innovation in the near future.


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Electric Current

An electric current is a flow of electric charge or electrons through wires and electric components. The SI unit for measuring an electric current is ampere (A) and SI unit for electric charge is the coulomb(Q). Electrons flow from negative terminal (-) of a battery or cell to positive terminal (+). It can billing to flow of water through a pipe. The direction of flow of conventional current is taken as the direction of flow of positive charge for opposite to the flow of electrons.

Potential Difference

Electric potential is analogous to temperature. Heat flows due to the temperature difference of two points. Water flows only when there is a difference in pressure around two sources. Similarly, the difference in electric potential causes the flow of charge in an electric circuit. the electric charge refers to negative charge or electrons that flow through a conducting material as a metal wire. The potential difference is measured in volts.

Volt metre is used to measure the potential difference between two points of a conductor in an electric circuit. for a potential difference of 20 volts between two points we usually say that the voltage between the points is 20 volt. The positively charged body has a higher potential than a negatively charged body, when these are connected with a conducting wire charge flows through the wire. SI unit of electric potential difference is volt (V).

Electric Circuit

Electricity is supplied using the main electric panel. Current always flow in a closed loop.this closed loop is called a circuit will the electric current flows if the ring as shown in the diagram breaks? The answer to this question is obviously no once a wearing dress aur is damaged circuits open and stops the flow of current.

Any break in the electrical wiring at home is either replaced by a new set of wires for brakes in wires are joined by means of electrical tapes does the flow of electric current is regained.
So, an electrical circuit is an uninterrupted path through which electric current flows. Every electric circuit has three basic components:

  1. Source or input of electric current a cell or a battery.
  2. An output device electric device like an electric motor or a lamp.
  3. A conducting material such as a metal wire.

An electric circuit also contains a switch that makes it possible to allow or stop the flow of current when required.

Electric Fuse

what happens when current flowing through an electric wire, exceed a certain limit. It will cause excessive eating of wire and might even lead to fire. In order to avoid such a situation and electric fuse is installed in electric circuits.

It is usually made of tin lead alloy. Which has low melting point ,when current passed a safe limit, fuse wire heats up and melt due to its lower melting point. This breaks the circuit no more electricity percentage of the fuse is prepared and fault is checked future of different sizes.

Depending on the amount of electricity allowed to pass through them, at time FIR in an electric circuit can also result form direct touching of two or more wires. Whose insulation has been removed as a result of wear and tear this condition is termed as short circuit which can be very dangerous.

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