Girl Child Issues

India is growing dynamically in every field. Girl Child is a pride and dignity of our nation. Here, i am going to discuss the Girl Child Issues in detail. Today, the boom in economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure has become nation’s pride. The country has witnessed advancements in all fields but bias against girl child is a serious matter to be looked into urgently.

The right prompt opportunity to be born, chance to grow in a safe and secure environment, Opportunity to develop own full potential are some of the major issues concerning the girl children in India. There are many problems that a girl child undergo in her life which subsequently hinder her empowerment.

Discrimination against a girl child begin in the mother’s womb, when she is deprived of her life to live. Census data suggested that the necessary for a male child a deep rooted culture need, has not only lived through the years but has also increased by many points.

Girl Child Issues

There are several institution that are attempting to bring in chances in practices related with discrimination against the girl child in india.

Girl Child Issues

Female foeticide and infanticide

Female foeticide is an act of destruction that causes death of a foetus. This is not a natural act but a deliberate one. This is called as sex selective abortion, at the sex of an unborn baby is determined through medical techniques. Killing of a girl child after birth is called female infanticide.

Sex determination techniques have made it possible for female to fulfill their deep rooted traditional desire for a male child.

  • In 1991, sex ratio was 927 and child sex ratio was 945
  • In 2001, sex ratio was 933 and child sex ratio was 927
  • In 2011, sex ratio was 940 and child sex ratio was 914

The census of 2011 has recorded the lowest sex ratio of 914 in the age group of 0 to 6 years. Which is concern to the girl child issues.

Girl Child Trafficking

Any any person under 18 who is recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received for the purpose of the exploitation, either within or outside a country

According to UNICEF

Children are taken from their homes to be bought and sold in the market. In India, there is a large number of children traffic for various reasons a child labour begin and sexual exploitation. In most of the cases it is the girl child that became serious victim of trafficking over male child.

Therefore, to provide the girl children a safe and secure environment to grow and prosper in life serious metres have to be implemented at all level of governance.

Child Marriages, Health and Malnutrition Problems

child marriage not only violates the human rights of girl child but it also lead to several harmful consequences for them. Such as lack of opportunity to education sexual exploitation violence and early pregnancy. it deprives the girl children of their childhood and poses serious health risk for them. Teenage pregnancy, a consequence of child marriage is quite common in India. These issues can be tackled now are

  • awareness on gender equality education for women
  • medical age and health issues
  • safety in public transport system
  • women safety cells
  • companies on sanitisation towards women and children
  • cyber crime cell
  • crisis management centre award for role model parents and categories


Girl children are the most vulnerable section of the society. They are physically, mentally and socially immature. They depend on others for survival the vulnerability and dependency have been a matter of universal concern. In order to protect children from these, the government and the civil society has been playing a vital role. It seeks to protect children anywhere against exploitation neglect and abuse fundamental rights and directive principle of state policies are related with the children.

Reforming Governance

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