Health and Nutrition

It is required to study the Health and Nutrition to enhance the level of awareness among people especially in rural India. Regarding the benefits of adopting and practicing a healthy lifestyle while also talking care of proper nutrition in their routine lifestyle.

Proper nutrition levels are pre-request to a progressive improvement in the health of any individual. Poshan Abhiyan is aimed at improving nutritional requirements for children, adolescence, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

Our lead article talks about the importance of overcoming the challenges of health and nutrition in order to transform the vision and result of Clean India Healthy India, malnutrition free India, and new India into reality.

Health and Nutrition

These goals can be achieved with the commitment of the Government and active participation as well as strong as strong will of the people.

This becomes all the more important for children due to their rapid growth and development. And for women scenes de bear children as well as feed them during their early life. Hence, we need to insure regular intake of all the essential nutrients inadequate amount for maintaining proper physical and mental health of women and children.

If you want to study the definition of nutrition and its various dimensions then you must need read nutrition in public health priority article on Sarkari Focus. The article also provides a clear picture of the status of nutrition in the country.

Good nutritional status insures that individual can fight disease causing agents, stays healthy, be productive to the society and contribute to the overall development. Hindi Shishu we are also highlighting the importance of proper education among the people on the need for intake of proper nutrition.

Effective communication strategies for generating awareness and greater community engagement using locality available technologies and resources supported with health policy is the need of the hour.

As the saying goes health is wealth we hope that the following article enlighten pupil about the importance of health and nutrition and according Motivate them to change their food habits to improve their nutritional requirement for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

1.Health and Nutrition Prime Movers of Nation's Development
2.Health and Nutrition - Overview and the way forward
3.Healthy System towards New India
4.Nutrition: A public health priority
5.Appropriate Nutrition for women and Children
6.Educating masses on health and nutrition
7.Role of Aaganwadi Workers and ASHAs in Curbing Malnutrition
8.Water and Sanition for healthy India
9.Digital Transformation in healthcare

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