Health and Nutrition

It is required to study the Health and Nutrition to enhance the level of awareness among people especially in rural India. Regarding the benefits of adopting and practicing a healthy lifestyle while also talking care of proper nutrition in their routine lifestyle.

Proper nutrition levels are pre-request to a progressive improvement in the health of any individual. Poshan Abhiyan is aimed at improving nutritional requirements for children, adolescence, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

Health and Nutrition

Our lead article talks about the importance of overcoming the challenges of health and nutrition in order to transform the vision and result of Clean India Healthy India, malnutrition free India, and new India into reality.

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential part of better health and the ancient systems of medicines followed that principal health and nutrition contribute to human capital formation and the growth and development of a nation.

Nutrition is the intake of food considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs

These goals can be achieved with the commitment of the Government and active participation as well as strong as strong will of the people.

This becomes all the more important for children due to their rapid growth and development. And for women scenes de bear children as well as feed them during their early life. Hence, we need to insure regular intake of all the essential nutrients inadequate amount for maintaining proper physical and mental health of women and children.

Health and Nutrition

It is time to consider new approaches to tackle double burden of malnutrition andar nutrition and obesity at the same time. The focused attention and tailor-made stretches for specifically level population groups such as women in reproductive age group children and all rural residents are needed.

The interlinking between health and nutrition has been recognised scenes ages good nutritional status ensure that individual can fight diseases causing agents stage healthy reproductive to the society and contribute to overall development.

Good nutritional status insures that individual can fight disease causing agents, stays healthy, be productive to the society and contribute to the overall development. Hindi Shishu we are also highlighting the importance of proper education among the people on the need for intake of proper nutrition.

Effective communication strategies for generating awareness and greater community engagement using locality available technologies and resources supported with health policy is the need of the hour.

As the saying goes health is wealth we hope that the following article enlighten pupil about the importance of health and nutrition and according Motivate them to change their food habits to improve their nutritional requirement for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition The way forward

There has been some progress on improving nutritional status of population in India. How you are India of 2020 needs to do more than what has been done in the past. A few suggestion are as follows not necessary in same order.

  • Integrated health and nutrition initiatives with closer collaboration of health women and child development and educational departments. This has already started to happen through three as AWW, ASHA and ANM as of now but require improved performance of these mechanisms.
  • Diversification of supply of food under government programs including more nutritions items such as millets, eggs, milk soybean and nutrient rich foods. Mass fortification of rice wheat salt edible oils and salt with essential minerals and vitamins like iodine iron and vitamin A and D should be optimally used. The inclusion of pulses and edible oil in public distribution system as well as nutritional food security act has been proposed by many experts.
  • Regular monitoring on real time basis: comprehensive National nutrition survey is the most recent survey on nutritional status of Indian population. The NFHS-5 data collection has been completed and analysed report is expected to be available soon. It will be impaired to that analyse data is made available and used to inform policy decision making the delay in the availability of analysed data the delay the interventions. There is a felt need for improved real-time data recording and reporting system with data flow in two directions is needed. This is possible with use of digital technology.
  • Pramod nutrition garden concept: ministry of human resource development has brought the concept of school nutrition garden encouraging eco club of students to help them identify fruits and vegetables best suited for typography soil and climate. Did guardians are intended to give students lifelong skills to identify fruits and vegetable for their plates. This clarifies has the potential to improve nutritional status of population.
  • Stablish more cold chain storage capacity for food items across the country: It has been recognised that while India produces a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables significant amount is wasted during sorting/grading, transport, storage in go downs or processing units or with wholeshellers and retailers. Therefore establishing more cold chain stores especially in rural India can contribute to less wastage and improved your availability and thus improve the nutrition for Indian population.

The target for sustainable development goals is 2030 which has nearly dedicate to achieve this.

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition – Prime movers of the nation’s development

Article 21 of the constitution of India guarantees every citizen of the country have the right to live with dignity and protection of personal liberty. The supreme court has also held the right to live with human dignity as described in article 21 of the constitution is derived from the directive principle of State policy and includes the protection of health.

It is a fact that better health and nutrition not only have a positive impact on individual development but also contributes significantly to the overall progress of the country. It would not be exaggeration to call name the veins of the country’s progress. Health and nutrition not only play a vital role in making human life dynamic table and prosperous but it also has the potential to empower develop and strengthen the nation.

Article 25 of the United Nations universal declaration of human Rights states that everyone has the right to to a standard living educate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family. This includes food clothing housing medical care and necessary social services.

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Recognising health and nutrition as the primary requirement of national development the new health policy was approved in the union cabinet meeting on 15 March 2017. In this provision has been made to ensure government medical facility for all the citizen of the country and also insurance of the patients.

National health policy allows patients to visit a government or private hospital for treatment from specialist. Under this policy the government aims to provide medical facilities to 80% of the people in a government hospital completely free of cost which includes medicines diagnosis test and treatment.

New health policy has been provided to them as a model and its implementation is left to the discretion of the individual States. The national health policy 2017 is set to increase its spending on public health to 2.5 % of gross domestic product in a time bound manner.

Health policy also aim to achieve the complete implementation of leprosy by 2013 Kala azar by 2017 and lymphatic paralysis by 2017 and maintaining the status quo. The target has been set to to reduce the number of blindness cases by the year 2025 and reduce the number of such person to one third from current levels.

The policy focuses on reducing premature mortality from the vascular disease cancer diabetes and respiratory diseases by 25% by 2025. It aims to increase utilisation of public health facilities by 50% full immunization of more than 90% of newborns up to the age of one year and meet the need of family planning about 90% at National and subnational levels by 2025.

Public and Primary heath

Over 2.55 crore children and 7000000 pregnant women wear immunized over a period of 2 years under mission indradhanush. The program has emerged as a global best practice in public health.

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Cleanliness is crucial for preventing diseases. Following the implementation of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, nearly hundred percent of households in rural India now have access to a toilet, compared to merely 29.1% in 2005-06.

Going forward the establishment of dedicated public health caders by States need to be prioritised with training impact on critical skills.

We cannot build a world class health system without first investing in a world class medical education system.

More than 5500 Jan aushadhi store have been opened for providing quality products at affordable prices and the government plans to spend the number of stores to 7500 by 2020. It is estimated that the store serve between 10 to 15 lakh people across India on a daily basis.

Tools such as telehealth mobile health and artificial intelligence are helping to lower barrier between hospitals and patient.

Health system: towards a new India

India had made noteworthy strides on health and nutrition over the last two decades. Given the size, complexity and diversity of our country, the importance of these improvements in the health and nutrition status of the population cannot be underestimated.

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Having said that India’s health system is still facing multiple challenges there are significant inter and intra State disparities in outcomes and socio-economic disadvantages groups are especially vulnerable to gaps in healthcare access. Additionally, while the burden of non communicable diseases as well as maternal and child health.

The health system is fragmented at multiple levels: payers and modes of financing, providers of healthcare services and the digital backbone.

Delivery of health Services is also fragmented into small sub scale inteties with 95% of the care being delivered by providers employing less than 10 workers each, adversely affecting the quality and efficiency of service delivery.

The digital system used in these health in if at all used are also siloed in the absence of mandatory adherence to any data standard.

The result is that the patient health records lie buried in manual systems or disparate IT systems with little standardisation and almost no possibility of interoperability. This limits the availability of information that could potentially guide policy making.

Educating masses on health and nutrition

Nutrition constitutes the very foundation of human development by imparting in unity and thus reducing morbidity, mortality and disability. Nutrition and health education has been recognised as an important tool for nutrition promotion and perhaps the most cost effective tool for improving the quality of life and development of the community and the nation.

Realising importance of integrated approach to healthy nutrition education government organisers training of grassroots level functionaries belonging to concerned sectors like agriculture health women and child development education rural development at village or block level.

Poshan abhiyaan Jan andolan and bhagidari in blind people’s movement to give movement to poshan abhiyaan on 24 July 2018 National council on India’s nutrition challenges decided to celebrate September as rashtriya poshan maah. During this month activities related to nutrition awareness are carried out by all the states union territories up to grassroots level.

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Pradhanmantri swasthya Suraksha Yojana was launched in 2003 ka improving regional imbalances in the availability of affordable and reliable tertiary health care services as well as augmenting facilities for providing quality medical education.

Health awareness needs to be imparted to provide knowledge and skill regarding relationship between good diet physical activity and health sev food preparation identify barriers to make healthy food choices and solutions to overcome those barriers providing media and marketing literacy to the masses it personally regarding misleading food choices.

Appropriate initiatives need to be taken right from childhood in school France their centres and in the families that foundation stone of healthy eating habits and good health is played at the right age and can be transmitted well in future generations too.

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