Health Related Careers

Health Related Careers: During the last twenty years, there has been a rapid increase in the awareness of health. Nowadays, people have become more health-conscious. They want to be healthy and fit. They want to keep away from the various diseases, such as hypertension, heart diseases and disorders like obesity and diabetes mellitus etc.

They have realised the value of health. Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Health Related Careers

That is why health-related career opportunities in the field of physical education have expanded in recent years. The very first and significant area under health related careers is health and weight control clubs. The number of health and weight control clubs has increased rapidly during the last decade.

Health Related Careers

These clubs are based on the individual’s desires to be physically fit, to have a slim and trim figure and to look the best. These health clubs are being run by the owners or in the form of franchise. In fact, it has become a big industry. The main concentration is on collecting money from the public rather than trying to provide good service. But there are a number of health and weight control clubs which are reputed and have excellent programmes.

Physical Activity for good health

Physical educators may find ample job opportunities in such health and weight control clubs. The activities and services provided by these clubs vary but fitness activities remain the same. The facilities to play various games, such as squash, tennis & swimming pools etc. are usually provided. Other facilities like whirlpool, saunas, steam rooms and massage are also offered. Instructions regarding diet and nutrition are also given to the clients.

In health clubs, where weight control and nutritional counselling are main concerns, physical educators may evaluate the client’s dietary habits so that they may reach to the goal. As the interest in being fit and healthy in our society grows, job opportunities also appear excellent. Another field of career is athletic training under health-related careers. But in case of India, such careers are available only at the national level.

Generally, athletic trainers work with national teams of games and sports. In India, there is no scope of job opportunities in schools and colleges, whereas in western countries the job opportunities for athletic trainers are widely available.

An athletic trainer’s responsibilities are numerous but their prime responsibility is related to prevention of sports injuries and rehabilitation of injured athletes. The athletic trainer works with coaches in making and supervising conditioning programmes.

In conclusion, it can be said that the job opportunities for physical educators are widely available in health and weight control clubs, slimming centres and fitness clubs but careers in athletic training, especially in India, are very limited.

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