History Time Frame

The History time Frame is somewhat different in different parts of the world. Frame under modern history also has the same presence.
In Europe, the medieval history is said to have begun in the 6th century and ends in the 15th century A.D.,
while in India, this period starts with the 8th century and ends with the 18th century A.D.

That is, India started witnessing remarkable changes in its political, economic, social and cultural life from the later part of the 18th century.

The modern period extends roughly from the middle of the 18th century to contemporary times. That is, this period covers about 250 years of the history of India. time frame under history also changes with the focus of study. If our focus of study changes in new set of dates become important.

for example, the British historians focused on the rule of each governor-general of India their activities policies and achievements to study the history of India. History Time Frame

History Time Frame

History Time Frame

The activities of Indians and the condition of our society so we needed another format for the study of our history. In the 19th century many British historians like James mill who wrote ‘A History of British India in 1817, where critical of Indian culture was based on the religion of the rulers. J. Mill advocated that all Asian societies were a lower level of civilizations that Europe.

He said that during the region of Hindu and Muslim rulers their social life in India was dominated by cast the most religious intolerance and supercities and it was the British who could civilize India he thought that India was not capable of progress without British help. So, he suggested that the British should for the workforce of India to ensure the enlightenment and happiness of the people. History Time Frame

But James division was full of drawbacks because it was based on the regions of rulers, it ignore the significant historical developments in the society economy for culture. The division also ignored the rich diversity of the subcontinent. In order to get a clear picture of the important changes in history story and now generally divided the past into three periods. these are

  • the Asian period
  • the mediaeval period
  • the modern period

Modernity reflects material progress and intellectual advancement. It is associated with the growth of all the forces of modernity science reason equality democracy and liability under the British rule that people of India did not have freedom equality and economic prosperity. So this division also has some problems that are why some historians called this period as the colonial period.

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