How to develop speed

Speed is a product of genetic and environmental factors regarding the genetic factor nothing can be changed. As a matter of fact, each individual has fast-twitch fibres and slow-twitch fibres, he will have more endurance or stamina. If an individual has more percentage of slow-twitch fibre.

He will have more insurance or stamina the percentage of these, muscle fibres cannot be changed so it means that the genetic practice sets the limit of the speed of an individual up to a certain level. But environmental factors still play an important role in fact central nervous system.

How to develop speed

How to develop speed

Muscular strength techniques flexibility motivation concentration and willpower can enhance the speed of an individual the following method are usually adopted for the development of speed in sprinting events. How to develop speed

1. Acceleration runs:

These are usually adopted to develop speed especially in attaining maximum speed from a stationary position. It should be kept in mind that the technique of any event should be learnt in the beginning only, then we should switch over to acceleration runs for example in hundred-metre sprint race we should lay stress on the technique of start and complete running actions.

We should practice it at a slow speed after learning the proper technique. We should practice that technique at a higher speed after a good amount of practice of complete technique be the main switch over the acceleration runs for acceleration run an athlete is required to run a specific distance. It takes start from the starting line and tries to attain the maximum speed as soon as possible and finishes the distance specified at that speed.

2. Pace runs or races:

Pace races means running the whole distance of a race at a constant speed in pace races. An athlete runs the race with uniform speed generally 800 metre and above races are included in pace races as a matter of fact and athlete can run a distance of 300 m at full speed so in longer places such as, 800 or above races he must conserve energy by reducing his speed

for example if there is a runner of 800 metre race and his best time is 1 minute 40 seconds. So he should run the first 400 metre in 49 seconds, and the next 400 metre in 51 seconds this procedure is called face race aur face run.

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