Indian education system

The Indian education system is said to be largely defective. It does more harm than benefit to young minds.
However, some may argue that it gives students a good platform because it challenges their minds and focuses on the power to increase their satisfaction.

Indian education system
Indian education system

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Lack of practical knowledge

  • The focus of the Indian education system is on the theoretical part. Teachers read from the book during classes and explain the concepts orally.
  • Students are expected to understand complex concepts theoretically as well. The need to impart practical knowledge is not felt even when it is highly necessary.

Focus on grades

  • The focus of Indian schools is on designing chapters to get good grades. Teachers do not bother if students have understood the concept or not, they all see what marks they have scored.
  • No importance for all-round development.
  • The focus is only on studies. No attempt is made to build the character of the student or his physical health. Schools do not contribute to the overall development of their students.

Over-burden of studies

There is a burden on students. They study for a long time in school and are given a pile of household chores to complete at home.
Also, regular classroom tests, first-term exams, weekly exams and mid-term exams put a lot of pressure on young minds.
Provides knowledge on various subjects:

The Indian education system encompasses a vast curriculum and imparts knowledge on various subjects including Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Ethical Sciences, Social Sciences, English, Hindi and Computer Science to name a few.
All these subjects form part of the syllabus from primary classes. Therefore, students acquire knowledge about various subjects from an early age.

Enhances Discipline

Schools in India are very particular about their timings, time tables, ethical codes, marking systems and study schedules.
Students are required to follow the rules set by the school otherwise they are punished. This is a good way to increase discipline in students.

Increases understanding of power

  • Due to the marking and ranking system in Indian schools, students are required to learn their lessons well.
  • They need to do this to get good marks and get a higher rank than their classmates. They seek different ways to focus and for better understanding.
  • Those who identify tools that help them understand them better can increase their grasping power which helps them throughout their life.
  • The Indian education system has been criticized from time to time.
  • There is a tremendous need to change this system to ensure the proper development of our younger generation.

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