Intellectual property rights (IPR)

Over the past two decades, intellectual property rights have grown to stature from where it plays in a major role in the development of the global economy. Intellectual property is everywhere the music you listen to the technology that makes your phone work. The design on your favourite card, the logo on your sneaker, it is it exist in all the things. You can see all are the product of women creativity and skills such as invention, book, painting, songs, symbols, name, image or design used in business, etc.

All the invention of creation begin with an idea was the idea becomes an actual product, for example, Intellectual property one can apply to the authority concerned under the Government of India for protection. Legal rights conferred on such products are called intellectual property. Right hence intellectual property refers to the product of the human mind and just like other types of property owners of IP can rent give or sell it to other people.

Intellectual property rights


Intellectual property rights

Specifically, intellectual property refers to the creation of the human mind like invention literally and eristic work symbol, name, images and design used in businesses intellectual property is divided into two categories industrial property which include invention, trademark, industrial design, and geographical indications, will the other is copyrights which include literally and artistic work such as a novel poem, play films, musical work, artistic work such as drawing, painting, photograph and sculpture and art, lecturer designs।

The most noticeable difference between intellectual property and another form of property is that intellectual property is intangible it cannot be defined or intensified by its on physical parameters. The scope and definition of intellectual property is constantly involving with the inclusion of new year form in recent times your graphical indication protection of plant varieties, protection of semiconductor and integrated circuit and disclosed information have been brought under the umbrella of intellectual property.

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