Management of time

The student must know how to manage his time. Students only know how to manage is precious time because student life is the most important part of one’s life. And here time lost means everything lost. He and she should not be taken in by other views. Rather he or she should be his or her own manager. And a good manager is one who does the right thing at the right time at the right place. So all of these three issues should be kept in mind by the student if he or she wants to establish good grounds for his or her future. Management of time is important to us.

Management of time

The youth has to face neck to neck competition in all the fields, especially in the academic field. Instead of creating a mess to accomplish all his tasks, the students should manage all are choices that also without being frustrated. First of all, he should have a proper timetable for all is activities. To avoid unnecessary pressure of handling his studies as well as his other activities that are co-curricular activities sports etc. He should set his priorities for the period and act accordingly. The foremost thing is that he should not waste his time in any act of laziness etc, buy roaming around aimlessly. Parents have to play an important role in this direction.

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Management of time

They may accompany the student in their schedule for a morning walk yoga etc.
By doing this they will not only share their time and experience with them but also share the problems of their wards. This will in turn lead them towards the healthy and bright future. And a better time table also creates a good discipline in students. Management of time

8 students level where there is cut-throat competition and extremely precious self-discipline is something that student should aim to achieve its not a commodity that one can buy from the market. It is a rare quality which one has to in calculate nature and cherish from early childhood. To self-discipline concentration which will turn help student scale new heights of academic excellence success will be there who value and practice self-discipline and abide by it at all times.

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