Monsoon Cloud Rain Artificial Rain Rainbow

Monsoon, Cloud, Rain, Artificial Rain, Rainbow


  • Clouds are made by water droplets and ice crystal.
  • When these come in contact with warmer air then cloud changes its shape.


these clouds will look like dazzling white and reflects all the light falling on them. From Ground, these Clouds may look black and be raining.

Thus, cloud may be black and white both.


  • Monsoon means seasonal winds.
  • The temperature difference between land mass and waterbody causes monsoon

Winds moves from high pressure to low pressure. So, winds moves from ocean reason to land masses. Air is very bad observer of light . Sun heats the earth which is a better obsorver and the earth then heats the air. Hot air rises because it is less dense then surrounding cooler air at the same pressure colder.

Air at mountain because there is less contact with earth and Air at valley fully contacted with earth hence colder is there.

Indian Monsoon

  • When the perpendicular rays from sun comes to the tropic of cancer land gets warmed up while southern hemisphere gets cooler as its recieve less heat from sun.
  • So, cooler moist air from the southern hemisphere moves towards the north hemisphere.
  • Once the air flow from kenya region crosses the equator and the corollisis force (force arises due to the earth)  occurs and turns air in to its right.
  • Therefore, this moves over india from the south west directon. Every year it happen between june to mid September.
  • When this moist air aided by other factors results in abundant rain.


  • This is geographical phenomena caused by the evaporation CONDENSATION and precipitation of water.
  • By sun when water becomes hot goes up and convert water vapour called CONDENSATION then some tiny solid particle in the air on which water vapour can gather and condensed.  Then water vapour get heavier and bigger in size and then PRECIPITATION causes rain.
  • When water vapour goes in more height this starts freezing like ice and becomes heavy due to gravitation. And falling down.


Smell comes after a rain due to chemical compounds released by a group of soil-inhabiting bacteria .

If we succeed to make a precipitate of water by any procedure then we will be able for Artificial rain.

what is Acid rain?


  • When the sun shines after a shower , we see an arc of beautiful colours in that part of the sky opposite to the sun.
  • This is due to reflection and Refraction of the sun rays as they fall on the drop of rain.
  • When the ray fall on the drop the water acts as the prism.
  • Sevencoloursshows- VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, brown , green , yellow, orange, red.)
  • Higher the sun lower the bow and if the sun is higher than 40 degree , no bow can be shown.


  • Some of the water inside the clouds freeze and strong cloud currents make the ice and water droplet bump together.
  • This knocked the tini charged particle called electrons from the ice and so there is a build up of electrical charge.
  • This charge released by the stroke of lighting.

This sudden light heats the air .

  • The heat causes the air expands very fast. Faster than speed of sound. Causes the crash of thunder.
  • If thunder overhead then we see that thunder and lightning simultaneously. If not overhead the first comes light then sound because light travels must faster than sound. 

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