Natural resources and it’s uses

Natural resources are derived from the environment. These are necessary for our survival but most of them are used for satisfying our bonds.

Natural resources

In fact, natural resources are material and components which are found in our environment. Every product made by human beings is composed of resources. In natural source may exist as a separate entity such as water, air, soil, metal was minerals, land, forest, wildlife and many forms of energy. These can be classified into Renewable resources and Nonrenewable resources.

1. Renewable resources: These are those which are again release placed naturally such as light sunlight, air, wind. These are those which are persistently available and their quantity is not usually affected by human consumption. In fact, these resources are renewed naturally.

2. Non-renewable resources: Non-renewable resources are those natural resources which are either formed very slowly what are not formed naturally in the environment. for example, minerals and fossil fuels are called non-renewable resources.

Natural resources

Uses of Natural Resources

They are actually nature’s gift to human beings to help them live. A comfortable and peaceful life there are various resources such as water, coal, fossil fuels, natural gas, air, forest, wildlife etc. The above-mentioned resources are being used continuously by human beings. for example, water is consumed as food and its use to irrigate crops, manufacture metal generates power in hydroelectric plants, transport ships and used in so many things in the same way. In the number of other natural resources are also being used continuously by human beings.

But at the same time being human beings have the responsibility to use this in a productive way we must use them wisely especially the non-renewable resources. Indeed the main problem before us is the first depletion of it, such as forests, natural gas, wildlife, oil, petrol it is the major reasons for this depletion are the improper and excessive use and fast rate of population growth in plant systematics and prudent use of it can be the most significant way or means to protect their almost extinct species.

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