Planning towards Rural Education

There is a big difference in percentage. When we compare the rural education to urban education. Peoples are well educated in urban areas as compared to rural. Education is a subject in the concurrent list. Hence both central government and state government works together for the betterment of education sector.

India is a country of villages. Talking about literacy level of education is not only a reflection of the level of the development attained by a society but in turn it also gives impetus to growth and modernization of the society. As a result promoting rural education becomes a prime objective of the government to ensure and overall balance in development.

Status of education in India

As per census 2011, literacy rate in rural areas was around 68% while it was 84% in the urban areas. Furthermore only 15% of the rural women were estimated to be literate as compared to nearly 80% of the urban women being literate in 2011.

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