Refrigerator & Pressure cooker working

Refrigerators and air conditioners both work on the principle of cooling through evaporation and as the pressure rises, the temperature of the water and steam inside the sealed pot (the pressure cooker) also rises above the normal 100ºC (212ºF) boiling point temperature. Refrigerator & Pressure Cooker

Refrigerator & Pressure Cooker


  • When inside the fridge temperature reaches to 0 degree centigrade
  • then there is no need to cool it further . So, the thermostat cut the signal and cuts the power to compressor to stop its cooling function.
  • When we open it in a closed room room will be more temperate.

Pressure Cooker

PRINCIPLE– The basic principle of pressure cooker is cooking under increased pressure.

  • We know that when water is heated to 100 degee centigrate it begins to boil, becomes steam and escape.
  • But in open vessel not possible to heat more than 100 c . It takes lots time cook the food.

From physics formula,


here,  V = Constant

  • So, if we increase pressure, temperature increases.
  • The body of cooker made by the ally which can with stand high pressure.

Additional : Reactor scale

Besically two different method is used

  1. By Intensity
  2. By magnitude
  • Intensity is an expression of the earthquake’s effect on people damages inflicted to structure and the changes caused to the earth surface.
  • Magnitude is related to the amount of strain released at the focus or epicentre of the earthquake , as recorded by siesmograph.

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