Role of Entrepreneurs in relation to their enterprises

Drawing in an elegy from musicology in explaining. The role of the entrepreneurs in relation to their enterprise. One may say that an entrepreneur is not only the composer of the musical score and the conductor of the orchestra. But also one-man brand his roles and functions get much broader in scope. In a developing country context like or entitled role and functions of the interpreter in relation to his her enterprise. These elements are no sequential as the figure mein convey.

The entrepreneur may have to address to all this element 7:10. Yet depending upon their background the individual entrepreneur may prefer one over the other, for example, Technicians tend to be over or best with the production expect those with marketing background mein over-emphasis creation of market investor. Some entrepreneur may be over-concerned with the returns from the project one should resist. The temptation of looking at the business. Only from once on narrow perspective having said, this it is adapted that, we provide a brief description of that various tissue that may be relevant at each stage.

Role of Entrepreneurs


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Opportunity scouting

Entrepreneurariel opportunities have to actively search for one May rely on personal observation. Discovery or intention personal professional contacts network and experience or may also have been identified business opportunities. Alternative leave may rely on published reports service and the like Narayan Reddy of Virchow laboratories relied on the personal discovery of the molecule during his employment with a pharmaceutical. Company as observation means seeing hearing smelling with a purpose opportunity spotting presupposes tendency to look at the thing and phenomenon from an entrepreneur mindset.

Most of us have a consumer’s mindset if we see any object of desire Apple laptop latest model off the mobile phone or somebody eating pizza and burger we crave to have the same thing for ourself the entrepreneur real mind, on the other hand, starts working out. What would be the market size, where to procure it from and at what price will I able to the customer from the existing player and how by selling it cheaper by providing more value or by better service and so on. Role of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur aerial opportunities may also be identified through a process of research of international domestic sectoral industrial analysis. for example, post World Trade Organisation international trade and investment have become free of restrictions textile quarters are being phased out and there are greater opportunities for textile and textiles made up from India. Global outsourcing is on the rise and India offering whose and wide pole of technical manpower that makes it a cost-effective destination for inbound. Global outsourcing in manufacturing as well as information technology in able service.

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