Role of sports in Personality Development

Physical development continuous participation in games and sports from an early age in hands is the physical development of an individual through capacity building and physical coordination through the positive use of energy and the promotion of healthy body is sports and games lead to prepare efficiency in the neuromuscular coordination which ultimately makes once moment.

Well-organized games are stimulants to physical growth their shape the body and enhance the physical aspects of an individual participation in it is one of the best means to maintain the optimum health from childhood to adulthood games like it is the development and refinement of perceptual abilities involving vision balance and tactile sensation.

mental development provides ample opportunities for an individual to participate in creative experience there is no doubt that individuals learn to make judgement utilise reflective and creative thinking and obtain knowledge about the rules and regulation of games there is a two-way process of games and sports they need alertness of mind deep concentration and calculated moments. sports help in individual to draw conclusions from the various situation which occur in the playground they need alertness of mind concentration and motor coordination quality.

Role of sports in Personality Development

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social development in the number of ways of social development of an individual through games and sports the player who belongs to different places come closer to one another they adjust themselves according to situation human relations are developed through participation in games. they also contribute to the promotion of democracy as they allow for an individual to be evaluated on the basis of ability and performance even it is said that sports and games are just like fields where seeds of high character are shown and a harvest of better man is reaped.

emotional development every individual has various type of emotion pleasure jealousy hate fear distress anger wanderlust loneliness it is 12 does not have appropriate control over the emotions he may become abnormal and uncontrollable. These emotions are vital for every individual but excess of these of always bad.

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