Science a Friend or An Enemy

Science is a blessing. It has added humans happiness in so many ways. By using the power of science, man has controlled nature. Science has made in possible things possible. But every coin has two sides. Science shows its evil side when it is used for destructive purposes.

Science as a danger to life

Inventions of science have become a danger to the life of human beings. Atom bombs, hydrogen bombs poisonous gas kill thousands of persons. Nuclear weapons threaten the very existence of mankind.

Causes sickness

factories are the product of science. Men work in factories. Machines make them dull. They live in an unhealthy atmosphere. They fall ill and ruin their health. Factories is spread poisonous gases which spoil the whole atmosphere. People become unhealthy. Science has made man easy going. He has no test for hard work. Easy going people grow weak and sick. They drive cars are scooters and do not walk on foot. Thus they spoil their health.


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Vehicle Emission

Destruction of humanity

If the use of science is not checked and not utilized for human happiness only, it will destroy the whole of humanity in the next war. It will wipe off the existence of man on earth.

science in itself is not a is a man who makes it curse. If we use this for evil purpose. It becomes a curse. But if we use it for the happiness of human, it becomes a boon. It not only provides knowledge about nature, but also provides a means for controlling nature. The applied science which makes it possible for everyone to have their morning newspaper cause the restless cutting down of forests to provide wood for making paper from. This is distress the balance in ecology, hence the problem of pollution.

It is a good servant but a bad master. So, science will always be a blessing if we use it for human but if we make it our master, it will be a curse.

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