Small and Happy family

Small and Happy family 1

The family is the smallest but important unit of society. The parents and their children join together to form a family. When a family gets a good house to live in, clothes to wear and bread to eat. If proper resources are available for the education of children, then we call such a family a happy family.

Time Has Changed:

There was a time when children were considered to be the gift of God. The one who has more children, people use to consider that person very lucky. There was no shortage of food and water. There was not even a name of inflation. People used to eat food with a full stomach and sleep happily.

Today is not the same time as before. Today the time has changed a lot. Inflation is increasing so much that people are suffering from it. Now the population has also increased rapidly, due to which we face the problem of shortage of food and water, no food item is found pure.
Due to such problems, Literate couples decide to have one or two children only to overcome the problems of poverty and the increasing population.

Advantage of Small Family:

Less Population:

We should make the biggest difference of all by choosing to have fewer children. This will help to maintain the population

Comfortable Life:

Smaller families can have a more comfortable life. With fewer people living under one roof, there is more space for everyone. Children from larger families often have to share rooms, while in smaller families children may have their own rooms in the house. There is more peace, quietness, more privacy.

Less Money Spent:

Also, with fewer members in the family, less money is required for basic needs such as food and clothing. In small families, more money is saved for better quality life, high gadgets, bigger cars and holidays.

More Love And Attention to Children’s:

The second reason that small families are better than larger families is that children will receive more attention from their parents. This means that their emotional needs will more easily meet. They feel loved and happy and close to their parents.
In addition, parents of two children will have more time to guide and teach each child than parents with half a dozen children. As a result, children will be more mature and disciplined. Such children also do better in their studies.

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Small Family Happy Family

The statement of a small family and happy family was done only to reduce the population. All men and women should understand after this that a family with two children instead of 10-12 children will be very happy because all their needs will be fulfilled easily and in doing so the population will be controlled so that problems like poverty and unemployment will not arise and the country will also be prosperous and will be on the path of progress.
Therefore, all men and women should adopt a small family and live a happy life.

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