Solving Social Problems

Solving Social Problems: A perusal of social problems that affect mankind today indicates that it is not the nature of these problems, but the level of their operation that causes them.

Solving Social Problems depend upon finding out the causes of troublesome social conditions which create the problem. As already stated, prove every social problem is caused by multiple factors, but it is always possible to find out the chief factor, the cooperative factors and the minor events in the origin and development of the problem. Video problem is likely to be unique and is likely to have individual stick traits which may differentiate it from other problems.

Social Problems

Many a time, the nature of the social problem is such that the control becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible. this happens when a social problem is occasions by natural factor like drugs aur flirts or when the conflict of social interest blocks the application of curative programs.

But after understanding and judging social problems, the society has to be effective and has to take some action whether it is by attempting to alter the established social institutions are by trying to alleviate them by adopting measures without trying to change the existing institutions. Further, Action can be organised our personalized.

Solving Social Problems
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The former is action through group effort like giving a cell to industrial workers in the management of the industry, where is the lighter is action through individual life and influencing other by living a life in accordance with good principles.

Gandhiji used the second method for solving the problem of untouchability by living with injectables and treating them with sympathy and kindness. When others stated his example and followed him, the effect became greater and greater and the government was ultimately forced to enact a law in 1955 prohibiting the practices of untouchability.

Solving Social Problems

Social problems can be solved only one individual in society process the following four feelings:

  1. Feeling feeling that a situation can be corrected
  2. Determination to correct the situation
  3. Confidence in the people and a brief that there is no limit to progress because of their intelligence and efforts
  4. The use of technological and National knowledge and skill for correcting the situation

The following three points have to be remembered while trying to reach and effective solution to a social problem:

  1. Multiple factor Approach: Each social problems caused by a number of factors for example the problem of crime cannot be contained. Unless It is collectively received in term of poverty unemployment social associations functioning of social structures stress and frustrations and so on. (Solving Social Problems)
  2. Interrelatedness: No social problem can be perceived automatically. Each problem has some relation to other problems.
  3. Relativity: Each social problem is related to time and space. What is considered a problem in our society may not be considered so in the other.

Solving Social Problems

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