Sport teaching career

Sport teaching career – Physical education has traditionally been considered a professional field appropriate only for those interested in a teaching career. The Sport teaching career offers many rewards to the teachers whether they are engaged in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, senior secondary schools, colleges or universities.

Sport teaching career

Sport Teaching Career

Sport teaching career is usually considered to have many benefits. The teacher, in the field of physical education, has a deep respect among students because he makes a good contribution to society. This career provides internal satisfaction. In sport teaching career, there is better job security. Teaching opportunities in the field of physical education are different in there own different level.

It has been recognised that physical education is a must in elementary schools. Basic skills and attitudes can be learnt well in this period. Physical education plays a very vital role in the harmonious development of children. Even the eminent psychologists say that motor as well as sensory experiences of children are extremely important in the development of intelligence.

Through the programmes of physical education, children become creative, develop self-image and grow in a meaningful manner. The emphasis can be placed on learning the various activities such as running, jumping, climbing, throwing, catching, kicking and striking.

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Sport teaching career

In the case of India, there is no career opportunity for physical education teachers in elementary schools. Generally, the teachers of other subjects, who are not specialised in physical education, teaching physical activities. This is the main drawback in India. Owing to this, Indians are lagging behind in the field of sport at world level.

Whereas physical education is compulsory in elementary schools in advanced countries of the world. Such countries win the laurels for their countries at the world level. The government as well as society must le stress on implementing physical education in primary schools and qualified physical education teachers should be appointed in these schools so that they may produce good sports person and protest citizens.

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