Status of women in society

Men and women are the two necessary wheels of the cart of life. One cannot exist without the other. Man makes society but women make men. Women are more important for a nation. The progress and prosperity of a country truly dependence on women. They are complementary to each other. The Present status of women in society is very important when 50% of the population are women. In India, society has always lived at women with respect. About the great significance of women, remarks Napoleon:

Give good women, we will have a great civilisation, Give us good mothers, we will have a great Nation .”


A man becomes aware that few have had a fair chance, they are inclined to say that no woman have had a fair chance.

A man becomes aware that few have had a fair chance, they are inclined to say that no woman have had a fair chance.
Present status of women in society

Women in past

During the Vedic period, the Indian women head high position. She moved freely in society and took an active part in all activities. The name of Gargi, Madalsa and Savitri are well known and cannot be forgotten easily.

Epic period

During the Epic period ( Ramayan and Mahabharat ) period the Indian woman got great respect. The name of Sita, Radha and Draupadi remembered for pure love and knowledge. But she started to lose her position during the Buddha period. She became inferior to man in these times.

Rajput period

In this period her position became lower. Rajput Kings fought for a beautiful woman was taken as property. At that time the status of women is not considered as good in the present days.

Medieval period

In the mediaeval period, her condition became more pitiable on account of purdah-system, early marriage, blind faith, illiteracy etc. She was put within the four- walls of the house.

Gradual changes

In Modern Times, status of women in society has been changing. One feels unhappy about the birth of a female child. She is called a decree of rupees one or two lac on the partners. However, Present status of women in society has been increased than in the past.

Significance of Indian women

Even then women are playing very the markable and important role in most of the fields of life. Now, they are not kept as domestic workers. They have an important role in the development of the country. More and more girls are getting an education today.

In the field of education, no difference is made between boys and girls. Women are taking part in every field of life freely. There are so many women who are enjoying the status of ministers, MPs. MLAs., viz. Mrs Vijayalakshmi Pandit was our high Commissioner in England for some time. Mrs Padmaja Naidu was the governor of Bengal for a long time. Smt. Sucheta Kriplani was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Mr and Mrs Anwar timur was the chief minister of Assam. Sonal Man Singh, Mrinalini Sarabhai and shreyanshi etc., have been cultural ambassadors of India. Our late worthy Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi brought a complete recognition of modern Indian women on the world- map.

Now, who can forget the greatest contribution of P.T. Usha, Bula Choudhury, Sunita Rani, Anju George and Valsumma in sports? In the present time, Kumari Jayalalitha also got white popularity as the chief minister of Tamilnadu. Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Miss Uma Bharti, Miss Mayawati and Smt. Sushma Swaraj, also well-known around. Thus women are taking an active part in politics.

In Hindi film industry, they are world-famous women like Hema Malini, Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Nargis, and present time Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan, etc. Kiran Bedi, an IPS officer is also well- known around. Today women are taking to the profession of doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, cricketer and defence.

Hindu Marriage Act

Now, Hindu Law has been changed. Some important changes are made in the Hindu Marriage Act. In certain cases, they Mein Seek divorce. They are given protection against the cruelty of their husbands. Hindu Succession Act has given them the right of property In there parents property also. Our constitution gives them equal rights.


If we carefully mark the work being done by women in India today, we can Prophecy that India will one day rise to be a leader of mankind. And women will play the most important role in making India great. Present status of women in society is tremendous as compared to past.

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